4+1 Program for Human Resources

4+1 Program for Human Resources

In today's competitive marketplace, an organization's survival often depends upon its ability to attract, motivate, and retain the best and brightest employees. For this reason, the field of Human Resources now plays an increasingly important role in the strategic management of organizations. Careers in Human Resources offer a great deal of variety and opportunity for growth. Individuals can work within organizations as HR generalists or specialize in functions such as staffing, benefits, training, or compensation. Others may work for HR consulting or outsourcing firms that provide these same services to multiple client organizations.

The 4+1 Option for a Master’s in Human Resources allows students to begin taking classes for graduate credit as undergraduate students. We offer two pathways for qualified students to complete their undergraduate and graduate coursework in 5 years:

  • BA in Organizational Leadership (Human Resources track) + Master's in Human Resources
  • BA in Psychology with an HR Certificate (minor) + Master's in Human Resources 

The undergraduate coursework in leadership and psychology, partnered with classroom and hands on learning in functional HR will provide students with a solid understanding of HR fundamentals, leadership skills, and practical experience to begin successful careers in the HR field.

Students will need to apply to the UC Grad School in the spring for fall admission to the program. The application can be submitted while completing the 12 graduate credit hours and apart from the 120 undergraduate credit hours they have been earning in pursuit of their BA. The 12 graduate credit hours will transfer to their MHR degree and will not count towards their undergraduate degree. Undergraduate students in the 4+1 will begin taking graduate courses the fall semester of their junior year, and will graduate with their BA with 132 rather than 120 credit hours. This allows 4+1 students to earn their MHR degree with just one year of graduate study in their 5th year.

  • Two opportunities to gain practical experience as part of the undergraduate and graduate capstone classes
  • Discounted tuition for graduate coursework- You will receive a 25% UGS scholarship for two semesters which results in undergraduate tuition rates for graduate level courses. The 5th year of study will be spent as a full time student in the MHR program, allowing students to complete the MHR program in one year (provided that 12 hours were taken before completion of BA)
  • Ability to obtain a BA and MA in a 5 versus 6 year time frame
  • Increased course exposure in the MHR program. If you take an MHR course for an elective credit as an undergraduate, you "free up" one required course in the MHR program that you can fill with another elective

It is important for students to begin planning for the 4+1 program during their freshman and sophomore years by completing the Pre-Application Checklist. The Pre-Application does not guarantee formal admission into the MHR Program with the 4+1 Option, it solely flags the department of the student’s interest in the program and helps to  keep the student on the 4+1 track before officially matriculating into the masters program. While it is not impossible to succeed in the 4+1 program without this foresight, we strongly encourage students interested in the program to take ORGL3000: Introduction to Human Resources during their sophomore year as a means to facilitate completion of required coursework on time, to gauge interest and aptitude in HR, and to connect with MHR faculty, students, and our SHRM chapter.

Students will need to formally apply to the UC Grad School and MHR Program with the 4+1 Option during their senior year, or when the undergraduate course requirements have been completed. To be admitted to the MHR program, students will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of the Pre-Application Checklist prior to junior year
  • A minimum overall (UGPA) of 3.0
  • Completion of Introduction to Human Resources (ORGL3000) with a grade of no lower than a B
  • Completion of Introduction to  ECON1001
  • Completion of the required statistics sequence within their undergraduate major (PSYCH2001, STATS1031, STATS1034)
  • A letter of support from at least one ORGL, MHR, or PSYC faculty member
  • Statement of interest in the program
  • Students meeting the preceding criteria must also apply to and be admitted by the graduate school
  • Those with less than a 3.5 cumulative UGPA must also take the GRE
  • Completion of the HR Certificate (Psych Majors only).
  • Complete the Pre-Application Checklist and meet with your advisor to be sure that you are eligible for the program and have met all the requirements necessary to apply
  • Apply for graduation from your undergraduate program
  • Apply for admission to Masters of Human Resources (MHR Program) by Apply for Admissions then following the link to the Graduate Application. Remember, your requirements for admissions to the 4+1 are listed above; you will also need to complete admission requirements for UC’s Grad School and the MHR Program:
    • Pay the $65 application fee
    • A bachelor’s degree
    • Two letters of recommendations from persons who know you in a professional capacity submitted through the online recommendation system
    • Official Transcripts sent directly from the college or university institution(s) to:
      Department of Psychology
      Attn: Karen Eichelbrenner
      Edwards One, 4150
      University of Cincinnati
      Cincinnati, OH - 45221-0376
    • A current resume
    • A personal essay that includes a statement of why you want to pursue the MHR degree and anything else that you wish to call to the attention of the MHR Program Committee
    • An official GRE or GMAT score sheet of tests taken within the last 5 years (unless UGPA is 3.5 or above).
    • For non-native English speaking applicants, official TOEFL scores
  • Notify the Graduate Program Director of your submitted application with an email stating your interest in the 4+1 Option for the MHR.
  • Students entering the MHR Program through the 4+1 will be admitted for the Fall Semester only.
  • Please note: the application process for the 4+1 program is competitive, completing the necessary course requirements does not guarantee acceptance into the MHR 4+1 program. All 4+1 applicants (students graduating in Spring 2014 and Summer 2014) should complete the process by March 27, 2015 to be considered for the Fall 2015 start.
  • Visit the website for  more information on the MHR Program.

Questions about the MHR 4+1 Program?

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