Graduate Certificate

Film & Media Studies Graduate Certificate

The post baccalaureate program in Film & Media Studies provides students with a theoretical, aesthetic and historical foundation in film and screen media. It complements a number of other graduate programs and stands on its own as an overview of global film studies. Students take two core courses with revolving topics but similar foundational outcomes and two electives of their choosing. 

The program is flexible and can often be adapted in consultation with the Program Director to meet students’ particular interests. Contact Megan Boyd with questions.

Apply here and please contact the Program Director once your application is complete. 


The certificate requires 14 credits, including:

1)Intro / core course: Film Studies Seminar — FILM 7001 (4 credits)

2) Film Studies Topics — FILM 7005 (4 credits).  May be repeated with different topics for elective credit.

3)Film and Media Studies Graduate Electives: Minimum of 6 additional credits from the following: FILM 7xxx; ANTH 7074; GRMN 8011; GRMN 8012; ENG 8067; COM 8088; or other graduate level film and media courses approved by the Program Director.

A list of approved classes and descriptions for the forthcoming semester will be published by the end of each prior semester. Other classes with a significant Film or media component can be plugged in for the electives with the permission of the program director.

Click here for current Film & Media Studies course descriptions.

Click here for a list of Spring 2022 courses and approved electives for the Graduate Certificate.