Statistics Undergraduate Program

Statistics is the science of collecting and analyzing data and generating useful information in inference and prediction. Thanks to the explosive increase in data availability, Statistics now plays a crucial role in almost all areas of industry and research. Statistics provides companies and governments with various quantitative tools to extract useful information from complex data and helps them to make well-informed and sound decisions.

The Division of Statistics and Data Science aims to provide a solid and well-rounded education on modern statistics. Our undergraduate program focuses on the following three aspects:

  • Statistical Theory: Learning the theories in probability and statistics that provide the foundations of modern statistical methods and data analytics
  • Statistical Modeling: Understand and apply various statistical modeling methods for data collection, analysis, and prediction. 
  • Statistical Computation: Use statistical software to organize data, visualize information, and apply various statistical methods and data science skills 

Curriculum Guide and Handbooks


Hang Kim
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director (Statistics)
Division of Statistics and Data Science, Department of Mathematical Sciences
5410 French Hall