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Department of English & Comparative Literature
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210069
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0069

Main Office Location: 248 Arts and Sciences Hall
Phone: (513) 556-5924
Fax: (513) 556-5960
Mail Location: 0069

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Department of English
University of Cincinnati
2700 Campus Way
248 Arts and Sciences Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0069

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Headshot of Leah Stewart

Leah Stewart

Department Head

248A Arts and Sciences Hall

(513) 556-6970

Headshot of Chris Campagna

Chris Campagna

Assistant Department Head

245A Arts and Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3940

Headshot of Lisa Beckelhimer

Lisa Beckelhimer

Director of Undergraduate Studies

367 Arts and Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3955

Headshot of Jenn Glaser

Jenn Glaser

Director of Graduate Studies

248 Arts and Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5924

Headshot of Jen Lange

Jen Lange

Business Manager

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3906

Headshot of Jennifer Habel

Jennifer Habel

Coordinator of Creative Writing

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5924

Headshot of Jenny Lin

Jenny Lin

Graduate Program Coordinator

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3902

Headshot of Alan Bothe

Alan Bothe

Coordinator of Special Projects and Programs

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5924

Headshot of Samantha NeCamp

Samantha NeCamp

Composition Director

245C Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5994

Headshot of Joyce Malek

Joyce Malek

Coordinator, 1st Year Writing

245C Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-0462

Headshot of Michele Griegel-McCord

Michele Griegel-McCord

Coordinator, 2nd Year Writing & Online Instruction

367 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3940

Headshot of Kathleen Spada

Kathleen Spada

Graduate Assistant PhD: Rhetoric & Composition

220 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-4791

Headshot of Gary Weissman

Gary Weissman

Area Director of Literary & Cultural Studies

350F Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5929

Headshot of Lora Arduser

Lora Arduser

Area Director for Professional Writing

350I Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-1896

Headshot of Laura Micciche

Laura Micciche

Area Director of Rhetoric and Composition

225C Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-6519

Headshot of Rebecca Lindenberg

Rebecca Lindenberg

Area Director of Creative Writing

229B Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-6970

Headshot of Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson

Curator of the Elliston Poetry Collection

646 Langsam Library

(513) 556-5924