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Department of English & Comparative Literature
College of Arts & Sciences
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210069
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0069

Main Office Location: 248 Arts & Sciences Hall
Phone: (513) 556-5924
Fax: (513) 556-5960
Mail Location: 0069

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Department of English
University of Cincinnati
2700 Campus Way
248 Arts & Sciences Hall
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0069

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Headshot of Jenn Glaser

Jenn Glaser

Department Head

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5924

Headshot of Laura Wilson

Laura Wilson

Director of Undergraduate Studies

025B Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-0736

Headshot of Rebecca Lindenberg

Rebecca Lindenberg

Graduate Program Director

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

Headshot of Alan Bothe

Alan Bothe

Business Manager

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3906

Headshot of Jennifer Habel

Jennifer Habel

Coordinator of Creative Writing

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5924

Headshot of Susan Luring

Susan Luring

Graduate Program Manager

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3902

Headshot of Whitney Slayback

Whitney Slayback

Financial Administrator 2

248 Arts & Sciences Hall

Headshot of Samantha NeCamp

Samantha NeCamp

Co-Director of Composition

245C Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-5994

Headshot of Michele Griegel-McCord

Michele Griegel-McCord

Co-Director of Composition

245A Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3940

Headshot of Sharrell Luckett

Sharrell Luckett

Area Director of Literary and Cultural Studies

350F Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-1571

Headshot of Teresa Cook

Teresa Cook

Area Director of Professional Writing

025B Arts and Sciences Hall


Headshot of Laura Micciche

Laura Micciche

Area Director of Rhetoric and Composition

225B Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-6519

Headshot of Chris Bachelder

Chris Bachelder

Area Director Of Creative Writing

225E Arts & Sciences Hall

(513) 556-3207

Headshot of Michael Peterson

Michael Peterson

Curator of the Elliston Poetry Collection

646 Langsam Library

(513) 556-5924