Health Geography and Disease Modeling Laboratory

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Research Projects


Journal papers

  • Geospatial assessment of the voluntary medical male circumcision programme in Tanzania, 2011–2016. H Kim, A Branscum, FDW Miller, DF Cuadros. BMJ Global Health.
  • Spatial epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Colombia: socioeconomic and demographic factors associated with a growing epidemicAM Hernández, JD Gutierrez, Y Xiao, AJ Branscum, DF Cuadros. Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Conference papers

  • AAG Conference 


Headshot of Diego  F. Cuadros

Diego F. Cuadros

Assistant Professor, A&S Geography

401C Braunstein Hall


Medical and health geography, GIS applications in epidemiology, environmental studies, mathematical modeling of infectious diseases, host-pathogen and pathogen-pathogen interactions, health economics assessment
Headshot of Sarah Grace Goodrich

Sarah Grace Goodrich

Graduate Assistant, A&S Geography Students

Headshot of Esteban Mauricio Correa

Esteban Mauricio Correa

Esteban Correa attended Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira in Colombia, where he majored as –cum laude– in Computer Science and Systems Engineering. Afterwards, he accomplished a research training in traffic analysis within the same university. The training was funded through a scholarship for young researchers from COLCIENCIAS, the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia. He finished his studies with a master degree at the specific area of image processing at Université Lyon 1 in France. He was awarded a joint MSc. in Computer Engineering degree with Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. During his master studies, Esteban fulfilled a research internship at CREATIS, a Biomedical Imaging Research Center under the supervision of Prof. Maciej Orkisz. He also had complementary formation in Computer vision and Machine Learning (ENS/INRIA Visual Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School in Paris).
Headshot of Hana   Kim

Hana Kim

Degree program: Ph.D
Advisor: Changjoo Kim
Committee members: TBD
Research Interest: Spatial analysis/ statistics, Public health, Accessibility
Program Begin Term: 2017F
GA Appointment: Teaching Assistant
Headshot of Andres Mauricio Hernandez Camacho

Andres Mauricio Hernandez Camacho

Degree program: PhD
Advisor: Dr. Cuadros
Committee members: Diego Cuadros, Lin LiuKevin N. Raleigh, Tomasz Stepinsky, Yanyu Xiao
Research Interests: Spatial statistics, Geocomputation, Medical Geography
GA assignment: TA