Copyediting and Publishing Certificate

The undergraduate Copyediting & Publishing (CEP) certificate is designed for students interested in the production and delivery of both print and digital texts. Students who complete the certificate will earn a credential with easily recognizable value in the publishing world. Classes will prepare students to become skilled copyeditors, editorial assistants, and publishing professionals who can compete in a diverse local and national marketplace that includes editing opportunities in book publishing, literary and trade publications, online content editing, and corporate communications. Courses in the program incorporate elements of textual, visual, and digital editing, literary and book publishing, and experiential learning opportunities as well as access to industry professionals.


Copyediting & Publishing Certificate Checklist

The Copyediting & Publishing Certificate requires students to complete 18 semester credit hours, including an internship, with a minimum GPA of 3.0. English Composition I (ENGL 1001) is the prerequisite required before any coursework is completed. Although not required, it is highly recommended to complete the composition sequence (ENGL 1001 and ENGL 2089 Intermediate Composition or equivalent) prior to beginning certificate coursework.

Required Courses: 

  • ENGL 2004 Introduction to Copyediting and Publishing
  • ENGL 3046 Modern English Grammar
  • ENGL 4107 Copyediting and Publishing Internship (3 credit hours; Prereqs: ENGL2004 and 9 additional hours in the certificate)*
  • ENGL/PWRT 5124 Editing Professional Documents

Choose one course in Digital Publishing: 

  • ENGL 2000 Digital Composing 
  • ENGL 2070 Desktop Publishing
  • ENGL 3072 Multimedia Writing 
  • ENGL/PWRT 5128 Publishing and New Media
  • HUM 4003 Methods of Media & Technical Translation

Choose one Textual Publishing Course: 

  • ENGL 3076 Writing with Style
  • ENGL 3096 Creative Writing and Publishing
  • ENGL 3097 Book Arts

*Note: See advisor at least one semester prior to enrollment. This internship must be arranged through the Copyediting & Publishing Certificate program faculty.


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