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The Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy (CCSP) seeks to advance the study of cybersecurity through a social science (and humanities) perspective grounded, particularly, in the fields of strategic studies, international relations, national and foreign policy studies, national and international law and organizations. The CCSP will also seek to draw on research associates with related professional experience gained as employees of government, military, international, humanitarian agencies, and private research institutions. Central to the mission of the CCSP is the proposition that cybersecurity can be approached not only as a technical problem, but comprehensively as a political, economic, social, organizational, technical, and educational challenge in a technically fluid environment. The orientation of the CCSP is to work through multidisciplinary interactions with the technical and computing sciences communities as collaborators in advancing a more secure cyberspace.


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The CCSP researchers have had direct impact on the development of new approaches to US cyber strategy and policy with a central focus on the implications of cyber persistence and the doctrine of persistent engagement. CCSP has two current research teams focused on simulation-based experimental methods for the study of cyber operations and countering cyber-enabled deception.

Cyber Visualizations and Posters

CCSP creates educational visualizations and posters that illustrate complex cyber theories and strategic activities occurring in cyberspace. 


This publication of the CCSP will seek to enable cyber scholars to link their research to policy issues, both global and domestic. While open to all authors, Kybernao seeks, in particular, to support early-career and emerging thinkers in the field to apply their evolving research into short policy salient pieces. 

CCSP Cyber Salon Series

As part of the Center's community outreach and interest in multi-disciplinary research, the Center hosts public discussions, demonstrations and lectures on topics related to cybersecurity. The convener for the series is Dr. Michael Loadenthal (, Assistant Professor-Research (School of Public and International Affairs).  Cyber Salons are typically one hour and are held monthly, September to April. 

SPIA Events

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Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy (CCSP)
School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA)
Clifton Court Hall, Room 5115A
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Cincinnati, OH 45221-0375
Phone: (513) 556-3698

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CCSP and Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI)

Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Higher Education, the Ohio Adjutant General's Department office of the Ohio National Guard, and headquartered at the University of Cincinnati, the Ohio Cyber Range Institute supports collaborative cybersecurity programs across Ohio.

Regional Programming Centers (RPCs), either institutions or organizations, are designated by the OCRI.  Each RPC acts as a partner in the facilitation, support, and delivery of programming activities directly related to the education, workforce, and economic development missions of the Ohio Cyber Range.

CCSP is part of the University of Cincinnati's RPC and provides the OCRI with educational programming and cybersecurity research.


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