Lisa Ampleman (Ph.D. 2013)

  • Full Cry (National Federation of State Poetry Societies Press,
    • Winner of the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition
  • I've Been Collecting This to Tell You (Kent State University
       Press, 2012)
    • Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Cynthia Arrieu-King (Ph.D., 2008)

Assistant Professor, Stockton State College

  • Manifest (Switchback Books, 2013)
    • Winner of the Gatewood Prize
  • By a Year Lousy with Meteors (Dream Horse Press, 2012)
    • Co-written with Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, winner of the Dream Horse Press Chapbook Prize
  • People Are Tiny in Paintings of China (Octopus Books, 2010)
  • By a Year Lousy with Meteors (Dream Horse Press, 2012),
    • Co-written with Ariana-Sophia Kartsoni
    • Winner of the Dream Horse Press Chapbook Prize

Joseph Bates (Ph.D., 2006)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami University

  • Tomorrowland (Curbside Splendor Publishing, 2013)
  • The Nighttime Novelist (Writer's Digest Books, 2010)

Josh Bell (Ph.D.,2013)

Briggs-Copeland Lecturer, Harvard University

  • No Planets Strike (University of Nebraska Press, 2008)

Kirk Boyle (Ph.D.,2009)

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Asheville

  • The Great Recession in Fiction, Film, and Television, Co-Editor (Lexington Books, 2013)

David Bell (Ph.D., 2005)

Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University

  • Never Come Back (NAL, Penguin, 2013)
  • The Hiding Place (NAL, Penguin, 2012)
  • Cemetery Girl (NAL, Penguin, 2011)
  • The Girl in the Woods (Delirium Books, 2009)
  • The Condemned (Delirium Books, 2008)
  • Co-editor, Commutability: Stories About the Journey from Here to There (Main Street Rag, 2010)

Dina Ben-Lev (Ph.D., 2001)

  • Broken Helix (Mid-List Press, 1997),
    • Winner of the Mid-List Press First Series Award
  • Sober on a Small Plane (Wind Publications, 1995)
  • Note for a Missing Friend (Slapering Hol, 1991)   
    • Winner of the Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Competition
  • NEA Fellowship

Eric Bliman (Ph.D., 2013)

Instructor, Penn State Harrisburg

  • Travel & Leisure (Poetry Society of America, 2012)
    • Winner of the National Chapbook Fellowship

Rebekah Bloyd (Ph.D., 1993)

Senior Adjunct Professor, California College of the Arts

  • Handsome (Deconstructed Artichoke Press, 2011)
  • Seabook (Meduza Press, 2000)
  • Sister Island (Blackberry Press, 1987)

Murray Bodo (Ph.D., 1991)

Visiting Professor, Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University

  • Something Like Jasmine (Tau Publishing, 2012)
  • Wounded Angels (Blissfool Books, 2009)
  • The Earth Moves at Midnight and Other Poems (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2003)
    • Author of 17 books and a Franciscan priest

Joshua Butts (Ph.D., 2009)

Affiliated Faculty, Union Institute & University

  • New to the Lost Coast (Gold Wake Press, 2014)  
  • To Learn to Fingerpick Guitar (Pudding House Publications, 2006)

Susan Streeter Carpenter (Ph.D., 2005)

Associate Professor, Bluffton University

  • Riders on the Storm (Bottom Dog Press, 2010)

Will Clemens (Ph.D., 2002)

All Shook Up: Collected Poems About Elvis (University of Arkansas Press, 2001)

Cynthia Crane (Ph.D., 1987)