Sample Submission

Mass Spectrometry Facility Sample Submission

Samples may be submitted to the Mass spectrometry Facility at:

R. Marshall Wilson Mass Spectrometry Facility
University of Cincinnati 
412 Rieveschl 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0172 

We ask that you provide the following information with your sample; if you have any questions regarding types of analyses or costs, please call Larry Sallans or Stephen Macha at (513) 556-1575 or email

  1. Date (date of submission) 
  2. Group/Company (this would be the Research Group or Department along with the University, if not UC, or Corporation) 
  3. Bill To (where to submit the charges along with the name of the PI or person authorized to approve the charges) 
  4. Submitter (name of the person submitting the sample; e.g. graduate student) 
  5. Submitter’s email 
  6. Submitter’s phone number 
  7. Sample ID (a unique identifier for the sample(s); please don’t use Sample 1, 2, 3 because next time it may also be Sample 1, 2, 3 which could result in confusion) 
  8. Elemental Formula (of the proposed compound if appropriate also useful if uncommon elements are involved) 
  9. Predicted Molecular Weight (of the proposed compound if appropriate) 
  10. Type of Analysis (accurate mass, structural fragmentation, chromatography required, etc.) 
  11.  Solvents that solubilize the sample (Water, Acetonitrile, Methanol, Chloroform, Other (specify) – require at least one be identified but include all compatible) 
  12. Is the sample(s): 
    • Air sensitive 
    • Moisture sensitive 
    • Light sensitive 
    • Heat sensitive 
    • Sensitive to 0.1-1% formic or acetic acid 
    • Sensitive to 0.1-1% ammonium hydroxide 
    • Needs to be refrigerated (refrigerator, -20⁰C freezer, -80⁰C freezer)  
  13. Amount/Concentration (mg or mg/ml) (require estimate) 
  14. Any known hazardous properties 
  15. Please include structure, reaction sequence, reagents used, buffers, etc.