Elliston Poetry Fund

The George Elliston Poetry Fund has fostered the development of promising young poets and honored the achievement of established poets since 1951. Each year, through the Poet-in-Residence Program, a distinguished poet comes to campus to give public lectures and readings and conduct poetry seminars and workshops. The Elliston Fund also supports a lecture series that has recently brought such speakers as Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz, Adrienne Rich, Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott, and Margaret Atwood to campus.

One of the best collections of contemporary poetry in the country—over 10,000 books, magazines, records, and tapes relating to 20th and 21st century poetry—is now housed in the Elliston Poetry Room, located in the Langsam Library. Students and faculty interested in modern poetry can also take advantage of reading space and listening facilities there, as well as frequent workshops and student poetry readings. An online digital audio archive of poetry readings and lectures recorded in the Elliston Poetry Room is currently being developed. Within the Department of English, the Elliston Fellowship supports the studies of outstanding doctoral students in the area of poetry.

2022 Elliston Poet-in-Residence Heid E. Erdrich

Heid E. Erdrich

Heid E. Erdrich is the author of six collections of poetry. Her writing has won fellowships and awards from the National Poetry Series, Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, McKnight Foundation, Minnesota State Arts Board, Bush Foundation, Loft Literary Center, First People’s Fund, and other honors. She has twice won a Minnesota Book Award for poetry. Heid edited the 2018 anthology New Poets of Native Nations from Graywolf Press which won an American Book Award. Her most recent poetry collection, Little Big Bully, won the Balcones Prize. Heid grew up in Wahpeton, North Dakota and is Ojibwe enrolled at Turtle Mountain.


Past Elliston Poets-in-Residence
Year, Poet Year, Poet
2021 Tyehimba Jess   1985 Richard Howard
2019 Mary Ruefle
1984 Jean Valentine
2018 Amit Majmudar 1983 Johh Silkin
2017 Denise Duhamel 1982 Thom Gunn
2016 Carl Phillips   1981 Carolyn Kizer
2015 Mary Szybist   1980 Michael Harper
2014 C. K. Williams 1979 John Ashbery
2013 Claudia Emerson 1978 Louise Gluck
2012 Terrance Hayes 1977 Philip Levine
2011 Albert Goldbarth 1976 Gary Snyder
2010 Alice Fulton   1975 William Stafford
2009 Lynn Emanuel 1974 Wendell Berry
2008 John Koethe 1973 Denise Levertov
2007 David St. John 1972 Robert Wallace
2006 Molly Peacock 1971 Louis Simpson
2005 Carl Dennis 1970 John Wain
2004 C. D. Wright   1969 John Hollander
2003 Linda Gregerson 1968 David Wagoner
2002 Henry Taylor 1967 Donald Justice
2001 Rodney Jones 1966 Donald Hall
2000 Jane Hirshfield 1965 Denis Donoghue
1999 Wyatt Prunty 1964 Daniel Hoffman
1998 Jay Wright
1963 Donald Davie
1997 Ellen Bryant Voigt 1962 John Press
1996 Dave Smith 1961 Richard Eberhart
1995 David Lehman 
1960 David Daiches
1994 Marilyn Nelson 1959 Karl Shapiro
1993 Heather McHugh 1958 Randall Jarrell
1992 John Haines 1957 John Betjeman
1991 Jane Flanders 1956 Peter Viereck
1990 Alfred Corn 1955 Robert Frost
1989 Marilyn Hacker 1954 Robert Lowell  
1988 Gary Soto 1953 Stephen Spender
1987 Mary Oliver 1952 John Berryman
1986 Marge Piercy 1951 Robert P. Tristam Coffin