Kunz Center History

Since 1996, the Kunz Center for Social Research has been actively engaged in research that is of interest to scholars, businesses, and local stakeholders. In addition to basic research published in scholarly journals, Kunz Center affiliates have done contract research for government agencies and businesses in southwest Ohio.

Affiliates of the Kunz Center have research expertise in evaluation research, research design, needs assessment, public opinion polling, focus groups, interviewing, statistical analyses, demographic analyses, and technical writing. If the Kunz Center can assist your organization with your research needs, please contact Dr. Steve Carlton-Ford (see below).

The Center's earliest project was theĀ Survey of Ohio's Working Families, a survey that queried Ohioans about work-family problems they may be experiencing. The first three waves of this survey were completed between 1998-2000.

In addition to basic research, the Kunz Center for Social Research has conducted research for local business and government agencies. Listed to the right are some of the executive summaries of reports we have written for local stakeholders.