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The A&S Equity JumpStart

Equity won’t happen by accident — we have to be intentional and strategic as we move toward a more just and equitable world. As we march toward this goal, equity education and habit-building are necessary tools. Join the College of Arts and Sciences as we partner with the YWCA Greater Cincinnati to embark on the Equity JumpStart and 21-day Equity Challenge. 

What is the 21-Day Equity Challenge?

The 21-Day Equity Challenge is a self-guided equity education and habit building tool. Created by Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., founder and director of the Privilege Institute, the 21-Day Challenge is intended to walk participants through a series of topics that furthers our understanding of equity issues but also pushes us to deeply engage with building habits that lead to equity. 

Throughout the 21 days, participants are encouraged to read something, watch or listen to something, and then do something each day. The goal is to engage with the ideas, concepts and materials for about 30 minutes each day, building a foundation for new habits and ideals around equity. 

Why Participate in an Equity Challenge?

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/C-SlNbXJU0w?rel=0

As you prepare to participate in the YWCA Greater Cincinnati’s 21-Day Equity Challenge, we have prepared a week’s worth of material that will introduce you to foundational concepts. Just as with the 21-Day Equity Challenge, each day you will read and watch something, and then do something. We hope that you engage with this JumpStart Challenge and register to join us as we walk through the 21-Day Equity Challenge with the YWCA.

Ready, Set, JumpStart!

A number of people often use the terms equality and equity interchangeably, but they are not the same. On this first day, we invite you to learn more about how these words differ and what a difference the meanings make.

We all have privilege, which is what makes this concept tricky and hard to grasp. For day 2 we invite you to take a deeper dive to understand how privilege works and develop a better understanding of your privilege.

  • Read: The term white privilege can be triggering for some and lead to a defensive response. In this Huff Post piece, Gina Crosley-Corcoran discusses how white privilege is still a thing, even for poor whites.

    We also invite you to check out this article from Well and Good which highlights the different types of privilege we all may have. 

  • Watch: Privilege is part of each day of our lives. Depending on how privilege affects you it may not be easy to understand. The scenario in this video should help.

  • Do: The Identity Wheel exercise, from Nicole Clark Consulting, allows us to consider the role our identities play in how the world views us and how we view ourselves. 

The topic for day 3 is bias. Bias is a normal part of the social experience, but it can be dangerous when left unmitigated. Learn more about how bias affects you and those around you. 

One of the ways that bias manifests is through microaggressions. On day 4 we will be exploring the ways in which these subtle and sometimes unintentional acts cause harm and perpetuate inequity. 

Privilege, bias and microaggressions all impact equity, and have been built into the foundation of our society. On this last day of the A&S Equity JumpStart, we invite you to explore how inequities in one part of our social world and institutions build on one other to create a larger web of inequity. 

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  • Do: Thank you for joining us this week! We hope that you have learned something new and encourage you to register to participate in the YWCA Greater Cincinnati’s 21-Day Equity Challenge.

    For your last activity please take some time and reflect on what you have learned over the last few days.

    We want to hear from you! Post your reflection on social media using #ASEquityJumpStart and feel free to use our Insta Story Template that was created just for the A&S Equity JumpStart Challenge.  

Thank you for taking this journey with us! We look forward to taking the YWCA Greater Cincinnati’s 21-Day Equity Challenge beginning March 1st as a community. Visit the A&S Equity site often for more resources and program updates. 


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