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The joint efforts of the faculty and staff of the Department of Mathematical Sciences during the last several years have resulted in remarkable achievements.

  • The Department was ranked around top 1/2 in 2015 by various data of the Academic Analytics among doctorate-granting math departments in the US, in comparison to the lower 1/3 in 2009.
  • Faculty members are highly active in research/scholar activities, with frequent visitors and conference organizations on the UC campus. Faculty and their research results are increasingly cited by international experts.
  • The total amount of external funding has exceeded the $2.0 million mark in AY2015-16, ranking us among the top 3 of 21 departments in A&S. The department has 25 active externally funded research projects, with each funded by at least $7000 annually, and the number is still increasing.
  • The number of annual PhD graduates (5 -10) in recent years is above the average of peer US math departments (average 5.5 per year).
  • There are 20 - 30 MS graduates, most paying 100% tuition at the out-of-state rate ($27k), yielding about $0.75 million additional tuition revenue for UC.
  • Consistently, 8-13 graduate interns are supported by local businesses/institutions, costing UC very little paper UGS money. The Math graduate program is among the most efficient on the UC campus.
  • The Math Department has substantial outreach activities with other Departments/ Colleges of UC, in Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio, and internationally; for example, we collaborate with the College of Medicine, Environmental Health, Biology Department, offer/monitor several dual-enroll courses for high school students around Cincinnati, the Ohio Board of Regents for improving math education (5 faculty), 60+ collaborative projects with US and international scholars, and two joint 2+2 undergraduate programs with institutions in Beijing/China.
  • The Math Department staffs the largest number of student credit hours among all UC departments, as the leading revenue generator among A&S departments. The average student teaching evaluation is 4.0/5.0, in the range of very good to excellent.
  • A&S College ranked Math Department as the most efficient in terms of the ratio of instructional capacity to students.
  • The number of graduates as math majors/minors has increased several-fold, from in the teens to over 100, and the number is increasing.                             
  • Benchmark data show that the average retention rates of math courses have been much better than the overall average of several states.
  • Faculty life is extremely busy with research/scholar activities and internal/external service roles; several are serving on the Editorial boards of Math Journals, and most serve as referees of Math/Statistics journals.
  • For detailed data, click here.

Overall, the Math Department performs in the most efficient manner.  More than 20 retirements during the last 6 years and the dramatic growth of UC are holding back the upward growth momentum of Math Department. With a strong support from the A&S College the Department is diligently seeking to refill these positions; so far we have refilled most vacancies

Shuang Zhang
Head and Professor
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0025


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