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Headshot of Emily Grace  Westbrook

Emily Grace Westbrook

Assistant Professor - Visiting, CC Chemistry

250.07 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


Emily is a graduate student in Dr. Peng Zhang's nanoparticle research group. Her research is centered on the synthesis of stimuli-responsive polymers for nanoparticle functionalization.
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Tevhide Ozkaya Ahmadov

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Whitney Marie Houser


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August Powers

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Lucas Alan Powers

Headshot of Ranaweera Arachchilage Ajantha Ranaweera

Ranaweera Arachchilage Ajantha Ranaweera

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Rebecca W Ransohoff

Headshot of Yu-Hsuan   Shih

Yu-Hsuan Shih

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Angela L Stastny

Angela Stastny
4th Year Graduate Student
Dr. Connick's Lab
Rieveschl 431
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William Carl Bogen

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Travis P Pollard

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DeVonna Monike' Gatlin

Graduate Assistant PhD Candidate in Chemistry M.S. in Chemistry , CEAS - Incl Excellence & Comm Engagmnt

Baldwin Hall