About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Anthropology!

We are a lively group of faculty, students and staff that has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. Our momentum as a research and teaching unit has markedly accelerated in recent years, as evidenced by the number of new faculty hires in Anthropology and our climbing enrollments in both undergraduate and graduate courses. As a result, the kinds and variety of courses that we offer students have increased in concert with an expanding set of research interests by our faculty.


Our department has much to be grateful for these days. Faculty and students are finding considerable success earning research grants and awards. Books, book chapters, and journal articles continue to be published in our most respected flagship outlets. Invited conferences—both national and international—continue to ask for our participation. Nevertheless, we continue to maintain a grounding in the needs of our student body as well as working with our immediate colleagues in neighboring Departments and Colleges here at UC. Our mission remains interdisciplinary and synergetic in attempting to access and complement the growing prominence of the entire University of Cincinnati system.

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