Graduate Programs

For graduate students European Studies offers a year-long seminar consisting of one semester of bi-weekly workshops and one semester of a European Studies graduate seminar, concluding with a conference for participating students. At the bi-weekly workshops that are facilitated by different faculty from a broad range of departments and programs, graduate students and faculty meet to discuss a common set of readings.

Examples of the year-long topics that have fueled the intellectual exchange among graduate students and faculty are:

  • Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism
  • Migration and Diaspora
  • Cultural Exchange: The Movement of Peoples and Ideas
  • Europe Old and New: Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Europe: Traditions and Revolutions
  • Visualizing Europe
  • Memory and Meaning in 20th-Century Europe
  • Walls: Unity and Division in Europe from Ancient Times to the Present
  • Europe at the Crossroads

The topic for the coming academic year is "Visions of Europe's Future." The graduate seminar will be taught by History Professor Katherine Sorrels (EUST 7002) in the Fall of 2012 on Wednesdays at 2:30-5:05 p.m. For information please contact Professor Sorrels at During the spring of 2013, a series of workshops will take place, for which students can sign up under EUST 7001.

We also hope to offer a Graduate Certificate in European Studies by the end of the coming academic year. Stay tuned for news on the approval of our proposal.