From international affairs to environmental studies, internships can take nearly as many forms as there are fields of study. Interns from the College of Arts and Sciences have gained real-world experience working in places from P&G to NBC’s “Today Show”, applying their classroom learning to real-world challenges.  

A curricular internship is an opportunity for you to gain real-life experience related to your academic major—building your resume—and earn credit toward your degree at the same time. These internships can be full time or part time, and may occur while you are still enrolled in other classes. The number of credits and compensation earned varies with the department and position. 

While both of these programs focus on providing opportunities for students to enhance their learning through experience, the format and the time commitment of the programs vary. A co-op position is generally a full time position (40 hours per week) for the duration of a semester. Co-op students do not take classes while working at their positions. Internships generally require fewer hours of work (8-12 hours per week), and may occur while the student is still taking other classes.