Program Honors

All graduating Communication majors, who earn a 3.4 GPA or above in the major, earn "Honors" status. All graduating Communication majors who earn a 3.66 in the major will earn "High Honors" status. Students will be designated with their program honors on their official UC transcript. 

Maintaining a high GPA is important to your future success. High grades are necessary for admission into many of the top graduate programs. High grades also demonstrate to potential employers that you are intelligent, hard-working, and able to deliver what is asked of you.

However, high grades alone will not be enough to set academically gifted students apart. You need to be able to demonstrate your achievements. For that reason, the program encourages Honors students to seek out additional academic challenges.

  • Original research or participation in faculty research is a great way to prepare for graduate school. Original research also shows potential employers that you are able to design and implement a project to seek out knowledge about an important question. Students interested in research should discuss the possibility of creating a 3092 Project in Communication with a faculty member who shares your area of interest.
  • Demonstrating leadership is key to translating classroom knowledge into the world. Employers and graduate programs look for potential leaders. Program advisors can help you to find out about Communication students organizations and the leadership opportunities that are available in each.
  • Awards and achievements are another way to help you succeed. The Communication program offers a number of scholarships and competitions through which you can distinguish yourself. Talk to your professors and advisors, and get involved with these activities. You'll be glad you did!
  • The University offers a number of opportunities for academic growth, including the University Honors Scholars Program and international opportunities through UC International Programs.

The Communication major is a dynamic and challenging degree. The program is proud of our students who achieve high grades. We encourage you to get to know the faculty. Personal recommendations can be very helpful. Moreover, we welcome you to consider furthering your education with a Master's Degree from our program. We'd be happy to talk with you about the possibilities, so feel free to introduce yourself to the faculty and seek advice. Talk with Dr. Omotayo Banjo,  Director of Graduate Studies, about applying for admission to the Master's program and about opportunities for teaching or research assistantships. Of course, the faculty is also happy to talk with you about preparing for the range of graduate and career opportunities you seek.