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Welcome! The Department of Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati is among the very best in the world for the study of philosophy of biology, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and general philosophy of science. The faculty's and graduate students' research is diverse, including projects in moral psychology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology, metaphysics of mind, naturalism, embodied cognition, the history and philosophy of science, publicly engaged philosophy of science, empathy, imagination, psycholinguistics, and the science of psychiatry.

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  • Director of Undergraduate Studies: Vanessa Carbonell |
  • Director of Graduate Studies: Peter Langland-Hassan |
  • Department Head: Thomas Polger |
  • Program Manager: Kate Katzarova |
  • Financial Administrator 2: Amanda Powell |
  • Business Administrator: Ashley Hutchison |



We are proud of our placement record. In the 2022 Academic Philosophy Data & Analysis (APDA) report, our program ranks third worldwide in its rate of placing PhD graduates in permanent academic positions. Find out more about our successful placement record.

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Research Strengths

  • Philosophy of cognitive sciences
  • Philosophy of biology
  • Philosophy of mind
  • Philosophy of physics
  • Environmental philosophy
  • Moral psychology
  • Ethics and applied ethics

Two PhD Tracks

The traditional track provides a curriculum similar to most other Philosophy PhD programs. Traditional track students regularly engage with other disciplines, including law, politics, history, and women’s, gender and sexuality studies.

The sciences track pairs a deep grounding in philosophy with rigorous training in scientific disciplines, preparing graduates for a range of philosophy and interdisciplinary jobs. Sciences track students can earn a Master’s of Science degree while working in their scientific field while working on the PhD.

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