Welcome! The Department of Philosophy at the University of Cincinnati is among the very best in the world for the study of philosophy of biology, philosophy of cognitive science, philosophy of mind, and general philosophy of science. The faculty's and graduate students' award-winning research is diverse, including projects in moral psychology, evolutionary biology, conservation biology, metaphysics of mind, naturalism, embodied cognition, the history and philosophy of science, empathy, imagination, psycholinguistics, and the science of psychiatry.

Graduate students will discover a vibrant philosophical community at UC. Our PhD program offers two tracks, one taking advantage of our strength in philosophy and the life sciences, the other emphasizing our broad resources in core areas of philosophy. Our students are active researchers and many have expertise in multiple disciplines. We're proud of our recent placement record.

Undergraduate students benefit from our small class sizes and accomplished and supportive faculty. Many of our graduates go on to successful careers in academia, social work, entrepreneurship, law, and medicine. Students may take advantage of focused tracks within the curriculum, including biohumanitieslaw and ethics, and cognitive studies. In addition, our majors have the option of completing their BA and MA degrees in five years via our 4+1 BA/MA program.

Philosophy Phd, contains information about faculty, research strengths, two phd tracks and more, click to view accessibility pdf document