Post-Doc Fellows /Research Associates

Headshot of Nitin Sampat Kamble

Nitin Sampat Kamble

Post Doc Fellow, Pharmacy Kotagiri Lab

Medical Sciences Building


Headshot of David Outomuro

David Outomuro

Evolutionary ecologist studying the evolution of color vision and color signals across jumping spiders. Past research on visual ecology of predator-prey systems, and macro- and microevolution of wing shape.
Advisor Dr. Morehouse
Headshot of Kennan Jeannet Oyen

Kennan Jeannet Oyen

Headshot of Adam Fletcher Parlin

Adam Fletcher Parlin

Headshot of Joshua David Sackett

Joshua David Sackett

Post Doc Fellow, A&S Biological Sciences

Rieveschl Hall


Headshot of Anne Marie van der Marel

Anne Marie van der Marel