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Alvarez, N. T.
; Buschbeck, E.; Miller, S.; et al. (2020): Carbon Nanotube Fibers for Neural Recording and Stimulation. ACS Appl Bio Mater 3, 9, 6478-6487. 

Alvarez, N. T.; Miller, P.; Haase, M. R.; et al. (2019): Tailoring physical properties of carbon nanotube threads during assembly. Carbon 144, 55-62. 

Gupta, P.; Tsai, K.; Ruhunage, C. K.; et al.; Alvarez, N.T. (2020): True Picomolar Neurotransmitter Sensor Based on Open-Ended Carbon Nanotubes. Anal Chem 92, 8536-8545. 

Huseinov, A.; Weese, B. L.; Brewer, B. J.; et al..; Alvarez, N.T. (2021): Near-electrode pH change for voltammetric detection of insoluble lead carbonate. Anal Chim Acta 1186, 339087. 

Rahm, C. E.; Torres-Canas, F.; Gupta, P.; et al..; Alvarez, N.T. (2020): Inkjet Printed Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Sensor for the Detection of Lead in Drinking Water. Electroanalysis 32, 1533-1545. 

McKenzie, T. J.; Rost, K.; Smail, S.; Mondain-Monval, O.; Brunet, T.; Ayres, N. (2022): Mechanically tunable PDMS-based polyHIPE acoustic materials. Journal of Materials Chemistry C 10, 6222-6226.
[Underlined Authors were undergraduate researchers]

McKenzie, T. J.; Smail, S.; Rost, K.; Rishi, K.; Beaucage, G.; Ayres, N. (2021): Multi-layered polymerized high internal phase emulsions with controllable porosity and strong interfaces. Polymer 231, 124116.
[Underlined Authors were undergraduate researchers]

Chimala, P.; Perera, M. M.; Wade, A.; McKenzie, T.; Allor J.; Ayres, N. (2021): Hyperbranched polymer hydrogels with large stimuli-responsive changes in storage moduli and peroxide-induced healing. Polymer Chemistry 12, 4384-4393.
[Underlined Authors were undergraduate researchers]

Perera, M. M.; Chimala, P.; Elhusain-Elnegres, A.; Heaton, P.; Ayres, N. (2020): Reversibly Softening and Stiffening Organogels Using a Wavelength-Controlled Disulfide-Diselenide Exchange. ACS Macro Letters 9, 1552-1557.  [Underlined Authors were undergraduate researchers]

McKenzie, T. J.; Heaton, P. S.; Rishi, K.; Kumar, R.; Brunet, T.; Beaucage, G.; Mondain-Monval, O.; Ayres, N. (2020): Storage moduli and porosity of soft PDMS PolyMIPEs can be controlled independently using thiol−ene click chemistry. Macromolecules 53, 3719-3727.   [Underlined Authors were undergraduate researchers]

D'Ascenzo, L.; Popova, A. M.; Abernathy, S.; Sheng, K.; Limbach, P. A.; Williamson, J. R. (2022): Pytheas: a software package for the automated analysis of RNA sequences and modifications via tandem mass spectrometry.  Nature Communications, 13:2424.

Kelley, M.; Paulines, M. J.; Yoshida, G.; Myers, R.; Jora, M.; Levoy, J. P.; Addepalli, B.; Benoit, J. B.; Limbach, P. A. (2022): Ionizing radiation and chemical oxidant exposure impacts on Cryptococcus neoformans transfer RNAs.  PLoS ONE, 17(3).

Kelley, M.; Uhran, M.; Herbert, C.; Yoshida, G.; Watts, E. R.; Limbach, P. A.; Benoit, J. B. (2022): Abundances of transfer RNA modifications and transcriptional levels of tRNA-modifying enzymes are sex-associated in mosquitoes.  Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 143, 103741.

Limbach, P. A., et al. (2021): Downregulation of the FTO m6A RNA demethylase promotes EMT-mediated progression of epithelial tumors and sensitivity to Wnt inhibitors. Nature Cancer, 2, 611-628.

Fasnacht, M.; Gallo, S.; Sharma, P.; Himmelstob, M.; Limbach, P. A.; Willi, J.; Polacek, N. (2021): Dynamic 23S rRNA modification Ho5C2501 benefits Escherichia coli under oxidative stress.  Nucleic Acids Research, 50(1), 473-489.

Denlinger, K. L.; Carr, P.; Waddell, D. C.; Mack, J. (2020): A Recyclable, Metal-Free Mechanochemical Approach for the Oxidation of Alcohols to Carboxylic Acids.  Molecules, 25, 364.

Denlinger, K. L.; Ortiz-Trankina, L.; Carr, P.; Benson, K.; Waddell, D. C.; Mack, J. (2018): Liquid-assisted grinding and ion pairing regulates percentage conversion and diastereoselectivity of the Wittig reaction under mechanochemical conditions.  Beilstein J. Org. Chem, 14, 688-696.

Haley, R. A.; Ringo, J. M.; Hopgood, H.; Denlinger, K. L.; Das, A.; Waddell, D. C. (2018): Graduate Student Designed and Delivered: An Upper-Level Online Course for Undergraduates in Green Chemistry and Sustainability.  J. Chem. Educ., 95, 560-569.

Slonecker, P.; Vonderheide, V. P. (2022): Qualitative Analysis of Acetophenone, Naphthalene, and Hexadecane by GC-Triple-Quad-MS Using MRM. J. Chem. Educ., 99, 3, 1460-1467.

Vonderheide, A. P.; Sunny, C. E.; Koenig, K. (Accepted): Development of a Concept Inventory for Nursing GOB Chemistry.  Submitted to Journal of STEM Education, Accepted, January 2022.

Vonderheide, A. P. (2021): An Exercise in General, Organic and Biochemistry to Stress the Importance of Math Mindfulness and Critical Thinking to Nursing Students. Chemical Educator, 26, 1-4.

Lentz, D. L.; Hamilton, T. L.; Dunning, N. P..; Scarborough, V. L.; Luxton, T. P.; Vonderheide, A. P.; Tepe, E. J.; Perfetta, C. J.; Brunemann, J.; Grazioso, L.; Valdez, F.; Tankersley, K. B.; Weiss, A.A. (2020).  Molecular genetic and geochemical assays reveal severe contamination of drinking water reservoirs at the ancient Maya city of Tikal.  Scientific Reports, 10, 10316-10326.

Walsh, M.; Savu, A.; Chatterjee, R.; Vonderheide, A. P. (2019): Investigation of Water-Soluble Silver Ion and Silver Nanoparticles in Wound Dressing Using ICP-MS.  Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Techniques, 10, 414.

Vijayan, A. N.; Refaei, M. A.; Silva, R. N.; Tsang, P.; Zhang, P. (2021): Detection of Sortase A and identification of its inhibitors by paramagnetic nanoparticle-assisted nuclear relaxation. Analytical Chemistry, 93, 46, 15430-15437. 

Smith, M. E.; Rose, D. P.; Cui, X.; Stastny, A.; Zhang, P.; Heineman, W. R. (2021): A visual hydrogen sensor prototype for monitoring Magnesium implant biodegradation. Analytical Chemistry, 93, 30, 10487–10494. 

Smith, M. E.; Stastny, A. L.; Lynch, J. A.; Yu, Z.; Zhang, P.; Heineman, W. R. (2020): Indicator dyes and catalytic nanoparticles for irreversible visual hydrogen sensing. Analytical Chemistry, 92, 15, 10651–10658.

Yu, Z.; Grasso, M. F.; Cui, X.; Silva, R. N.; Zhang, P. (2020): Sensitive and label-free SERS detection of single-stranded DNA assisted by silver nanoparticles and gold-coated magnetic nanoparticles.  ACS Applied Bio Materials, 3, 5, 2626-2632. 

Yu, Z.; Grasso, M. F.; Sorensen, H. H.; Zhang, P. (2019): Ratiometric SERS detection of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soil assisted by β-cyclodextrin modified gold nanoparticles. Microchim Acta., 186, 391-398.