Fellowship Application Information

The Portman Center for Policy Solutions provides fellowships to undergraduate students at UC. As part of the program, the fellowship includes civic leadership development, small group meetings with government officials and leaders, a focus on public policy impact, and visits to national, state, and local government offices.

The application portal for 2024-2025 Fellowships is now open. 

2024-2025 Term Fellowship

The Portman Center for Policy Solutions offers undergraduate students the opportunity to apply for up to $7,500 in fellowship funds.


  • Minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA for current students
  • Minimum 3.75 cumulative GPA for incoming students 
  • Be a full-time, degree seeking University of Cincinnati undergraduate student
  • Expected date of graduation 
    • All undergraduates are eligible to apply
  • Complete the Scholarship Universe online application form, which will include:  
    • Academic achievements and awards received
    • Membership in clubs and organizations
    • 4 short essays about:
      • Working across difference (300 words maximum)
      • Leadership experience (150 words maximum)
      • Interest in public policy (150 words maximum)
      • Interest in the Portman Center for Policy Solutions (200 words maximum)   
  • Letter of recommendation, which will be submitted via Scholarship Universe
  • Application Link: 
    • Clicking this link may bring you to your ScholorshipUniverse dashboard. If so, use the search bar in the top right to search "Portman Center" to locate the scholarship. 
  • Deadline is March 18, 2024 to receive both applications and letters of recommendation.