X-Ray Crystallography

The Richard C. Elder X-ray Crystallography Facility in the UC Department of Chemistry provides single crystal chemical crystallography analyses, training and sample evaluation to researchers at the University of Cincinnati as well as external universities, national laboratories and industry.

This is a chemical crystallography facility which provides variable-temperature single crystal analyses for inorganic, organometallic, organic, and biologically-relevant small molecules. Screening of macromolecules is a possibility.

Image of Bruker D8 VENTURE PHOTON-II Single Crystal Diffractometer

Bruker D8 VENTURE PHOTON-II Single Crystal Diffractometer

This facility, staffed by Dr. Jeanette Krause, was funded by the NSF-MRI program and is designed for research and student instruction. It is intimately involved in graduate and undergraduate research, and projects with groups engaged in NSF-REU, NSF-URC, REWU-WISE and ACS-Project Seed sponsored programs. The laboratory portion of the graduate X-ray Crystallography course, CHEM 8046, and segments of the undergraduate Honors Inorganic Laboratory course, CHEM 4020L, are taught in this facility.

The facility houses a Bruker D8 Venture Dual-Source Photon-II single crystal diffractometer equipped with both Mo and Cu microfocus X-ray sources. In addition, a Bruker APEX-II CCD single crystal diffractometer equipped with a TRIUMPH monochromator and Mo radiation source is available. Both diffractometers are equipped with Oxford Cryostream liquid nitrogen low temperature devices for variable temperature analyses.

Image of Bruker SMART APEX-II CCD Single Crystal Diffractometer

Bruker SMART APEX-II CCD Single Crystal Diffractometer

A computer lab within the facility is available for researchers and students to solve their own crystal structures utilizing the latest crystallographic software and databases. A crystal growth lab, equipped with an Olympus SZX12 stereomicroscope with video capability and an Olympus SZ51 stereomicroscope, is available for obtaining and characterizing crystals from select projects.

SCrALS project logo

In addition, Dr. Krause is the PI for the SCrALS project at the Advanced Light Source (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), which provides synchrotron access for single crystal chemical crystallography studies on samples that do not yield X-ray data under typical in-house laboratory conditions.

Please contact Dr. Krause (Jeanette.Krause@uc.edu) for more facility details.