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Welcome to the Department of Sociology

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The Department of Sociology has a long track record of training undergraduate students for post-college opportunities and graduate students for academic and research careers. Our faculty have national reputations and records of award-winning publications, research grants, and leadership of national and regional sociological associations.

We specialize in the study of social inequality. More specifically, our faculty focus on community and urbanhealth and medicalrace and ethnicity, and gender and family. We encourage prospective graduate students interested in these issues to join us! Our urban location and proximity to six major hospitals make UC an ideal place to study urban and health issues, and Sociologists for Women in Society have consistently awarded us their seal of approval for gender scholarship.

The intellectual hub of the department is the Kunz Center for Social Researchan endowed center located within and designated to support the research mission of the department. It provides research funding for faculty and graduate students, and provides an intellectual commons for faculty and students across the university. Sociology founded The Cincinnati Project, which provides grants to faculty and graduate students to conduct research benefitting disadvantaged Cincinnati communtiies and the agencies that serve them. Sociology also co-founded the Ohio Policy Evaluation Network (OPEN). OPEN is an interdisciplinary research network that assesses reproductive health equity, access and autonomy in the context of federal and state laws, regulations and policies.

Finally, Sociology is one of 14 departments affiliated with the Charles Phelps Taft Research Center, which provides dissertation fellowships, summer funding, and money for research expenses.

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Bearcat Sociology introduces new courses for Spring 2024!

Explore sociology with these latest offerings:

SOC 2092 - Sociology of Human Rights: This course introduces students to sociological perspectives on human rights, which can be applied to many current social issues, such as war, migration, citizenship, and more.

SOC 2166 - Diversity in Gaming: Game Design for Social Inclusion: This course considers both video and analog games, showing students how to interpret games in social context and create accurate and inclusive representations in games.

SOC 3100 - Sociology Careers Workshop: This is a one-credit careers course for Sociology and other social science majors and minors that provides information on sociological research about the job market while helping students craft job-search materials that reflect their social science skills and experience. 

Taught under the "Special Topics" course designation, we will also inaugurate a graduate-level course on Sociology in Public Policy

Join us in Spring 2024 for an enriching academic journey! 

Summer Research Program

Collage of students participating in the summer research program

What did YOU do to kick off the summer?

During the week between spring semester final exams and the start of summer classes, Sociology brought together 25 undergrad students from around the Cincinnati area for our Summer Research Opportunity Program, “Social Science in the Real World.” Students participated in a full week of hands-on research methods workshops delivered by UC Sociology and other faculty and grad students as well as alumni of our program who use research in their jobs. Workshop topics included: community-engaged research, coding qualitative data, using Census data to understand neighborhoods, and conducting focus groups. Each student received a voice recorder and microphone so they can conduct their own future research, and we provided lunch each day of the program.

Our keynote speaker on the final day was Dr. Lauren Jade Martin, previously a tenured sociology professor, who now works as a Senior UX Researcher at JPMorgan Chase in New York City. She spoke about the many varied and exciting career paths for social science majors and minors and her experience conducting research in the academic world and the corporate world.

Student participants represented several area colleges and universities and a wide range of majors, from neurobiology to international affairs to fine arts. Participants say they appreciated the chance to learn from faculty and applied researchers about how social science methods can be used beyond the classroom. One participant said, “I enjoyed how hands-on the program was. It's one thing to learn these concepts, but to get to practice them too is a real benefit.”

Thank you to all our program sponsors and supporters: The P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, UC’s College of Arts & Sciences, The Cincinnati Project, and Langsam Library!

Collage of students and faculty at the end of year celebration

Students and faculty members celebrate the end of another academic year at the department's award ceremony.

Editorship of Social Problems Journal

The Department of Sociology is excited to begin our second term as editors for Social Problemsthe official publication of The Society for the Study of Social Problems. The journal is co-edited by Drs. Annulla Linders, Derrick R. Brooms, and Earl Wright II (Rhodes College).

UC Sociology in the Media


UC‘s College of Arts and Sciences taps innovative new leadership

December 20, 2023

The College of Arts and Sciences announced Ryan J. White and Rina Williams as the newest divisional deans of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. White and Kennedy’s inclusion will bring new focuses and structure around student success and the college of Arts and Sciences’ advancement. Both will officially begin their new terms on Jan. 1, 2024.


WCPO: Abortions dropped 15% across Ohio last year

October 5, 2023

UC abortion researcher Danielle Bessett weighs in on new data that shows abortion has declined by 15%. Bessett's current research projects examine patient experiences of abortion care and disparities in contraceptive access, prenatal care, and infant mortality.


UC presents lecture on liberal arts featuring Michael W. Twitty

Event: October 10, 2023 7:30 PM

The University of Cincinnati welcomes Michael W. Twitty, award-winning author of “The Cooking Gene: A Journey Through African American Culinary History in the Old South,” for a presentation next month. Twitty will share his views on the value of liberal arts study at a time when headlines show the discipline may be in decline. Titled “What’s It Got to Do With Me? The Importance of the Humanities to Contemporary American Life,” the event will be held Tuesday, October 10 at 7:30 p.m. at UC’s Probasco Auditorium, 2839 Clifton Ave. Presented by UC’s College of Arts and Sciences, and sponsored by Taft Research Center, The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati, and a host of other supporters, the event is free and open to the public.


UC hosts expert symposium on COVID-19, now and then

Event: September 22, 2023 3:00 PM

The University of Cincinnati will host a symposium on the state’s response to the pandemic titled Ohio Under COVID: Lessons from America’s Heartland in Crisis. The event will feature Dr. Amy Acton, former director of the Ohio Department of Health, and authors and editors of the new book of the same title.


WVXU: How many fewer abortions were performed after the...

June 22, 2023

Abortion care has increased in some states and declined in others, due to the revision of laws stemming from the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v Wade. Abortion access expert Danielle Bessett was a guest speaker on Cincinnati Edition to discuss trends in abortion care and specific cases that are testing the decision.

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