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The University of Cincinnati Department of Journalism offers comprehensive journalism education in an urban environment with experiential learning opportunities and individualized relationships with faculty mentors.

UC graduates work or have worked at numerous news organizations throughout the country, including The E.W. Scripps Company, Nextstar Broadcasting, Gray Television, USA Today, the Associated Press, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, Newsday, The Plain Dealer, Indianapolis Star, Columbus Dispatch, The Cincinnati Enquirer, Detroit News, Akron Beacon Journal, Cincinnati Business Courier, San Antonio Business Journal, Dayton Business Journal, as well as magazines, television stations, public relations and marketing agencies, and non-profits.

They are reporters, TV news producers, photographers, and editors. They work in social media and digital media. They are newsroom and media industry leaders. Take a look at just some of our success stories across national media outlets.

In the City of Cincinnati, an active media market, students can explore and report stories from a vibrant urban landscape with diverse audiences and cultures.

Students have multiple experiential learning opportunities year round with professional internships, student media and hands-on Journalism classes.


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The City of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Black United Front, and the University of Cincinnati Department of Journalism present More To Do: Challenges in Cincinnati's Third Decade of Collaborative Commitment. 1819 Innovation Hub, University of Cincinnati, 2900 Reading Road. Friday, November 17: 6-9 pm Saturday, November 18: 9-1 pm. Agenda: History of The Collaborative Agreement and Refresh, awards for service, plus community panels on: SARA problem-solving model, enhancing CPD data collection and public access, community engagement with the collaborative model, benchmarks for addressing unmet goals. Attendance is free. More information: