Project 222

Project 222 is a collection of over 100 books by faculty, alumni, current student and former colleages.  The project is housed in the English Department seminar room, 222 Arts & Sciences Hall.


Allen, Austin. Pleasures of the Game.Waywiser, 2016.

Ampleman, Lisa. I've Been Collecting This to Tell You. Wick Chapbook/Kent State U, 2012.

Ampleman, Lisa. Full Cry. NFSPS, 2013.

Araguz, Jose Angel. The Wall. Tiger's Eye, 2016.

Araguz, Jose Angel. Corpus Christi Octaves. Flutter, 2014.

Araguz, Jose Angel. Reasons (Not) to Dance. FutureCycle, 2015.

Araguz, Jose Angel. Everything We Think We Hear. Floricanto, 2015.

Araguz, Jose Angel. The Divorce Suite. Red Bird Chapbooks, 2016.

Arduser, Lora. Living Chronic: Agency and Expertise in the Rhetoric of Diabetes. Ohio State U., 2017.

Bell, David, and Molly McCaffrey, eds. Stuck in the Middle: Writing That Holds You in Suspense. Main Street Rag, 2016.

Bell, David Jack, and Molly McCaffrey, eds. Commutability: Stories about the Journey from Here to There. Main Street Rag, 2011.

Bell, David. Rides a Stranger. The Mysterious Bookshop, 2013.

Bell, David. Cemetery Girl. Penguin/New American Library, 2011.

Bell, David Jack. The Condemned. Delirium, 2008.

Bell, David Jack. The Girl in the Woods. Delirium, 2009.

Bell, David. Since She Went Away. Penguin/New American Library, 2016.

Bell, David. Somebody I Used to Know. Penguin/New American Library, 2015.

Bell, David. The Forgotten Girl. Penguin/New American Library, 2014.

Bell, David. Never Come Back. Penguin/New American Library, 2013.

Bell, David. The Hiding Place. Penguin/New American Library, 2012.

Boyle, Kirk, and Daniel Mrozowski. The Great Recession in Fiction, Film, and Television. Lexington, 2013.

Brodeur, Brian. Local Fauna. Kent State/Wick Chapbook, 2015.

Brodeur, Brian. Natural Causes. Autumn House, 2012.

Brodeur, Brian. Other Latitudes. U. Akron, 2008.

Burke, Michelle Y. Animal Purpose. Ohio U., 2016.

Carpenter, Susan Streeter. Riders on the Storm. Bottom Dog, 2010.

Carter, Christopher. Rhetorical Exposures: Confrontation and Contradiction in US Social Documentary

Photography. U. Alabama, 2015.

Carter, Christopher. Rhetoric & Resistance in the Corporate Academy. Hampton, 2008.

Deulen, Danielle Cadena. The Riots. U. Georgia, 2011.

Deulen, Danielle Cadena. Our Emotions Get Carried Away Beyond Us. Barrow Street, 2015.

Deulen, Danielle Cadena. Lovely Asunder. U. Arkansas, 2011.

Deulen, Danielle Cadena. American Libretto. Sow’s Ear Chapbook, 2015.

Doyle, Darrin. The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2010.

Doyle, Darrin. Revenge of the Teacher's Pet. LSU, 2009.

Doyle, Darrin. The Dark Will End the Dark. Tortoise, 2015.

Drury, John. The Stray Ghost. State Street Chapbooks, 1987.

Drury, John. The Disappearing Town. Miami U., 2000.

Drury, John. Burning the Aspern Papers. Miami U., 2003.

Drury, John. The Refugee Camp. Turning Point, 2011.

Drury, John. Sea Level Rising. Able Muse Press, 2015.

Drury, John. The Poetry Dictionary. Writer's Digest Books, 2006 (second edition).

Drury, John. Creating Poetry. Writer's Digest Books, 1991.

Durst, Russel and Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein. They Say I Say (with Readings). W. W. Norton,


Durst, Russel. You Are Here: Readings on Higher Education for College Writers. Pearson, 2013.

Durst, Russel. Collision Course: Conflcit, Negotiation, and Learning in College Composition. NCTE, 1999.

Durst, Russel and George Newell, eds. Exploring Texts: The Role of Discussion and Writing in the

Teaching and Learning of Literature. Christopher-Gordon, 1993.

Dziech, Billie Wright and Charles B. Schudson.  On Trial: America's Courts and Their Treatment of

Sexually Abused Children. Beacon, 1989.

Dziech, Billie Wright and Linda Weiner. The Lecherous Professor: Sexual Harassment on Campus.

U. Illinois, 1984 (reprint 1990).

Frank, Rebecca Morgan. The Spokes of Venus. Carnegie-Mellon U., 2016.

Glaser, Jennifer. Borrowed Voices: Writing & Racial Ventriloquism in the Jewish American Imagination.

Rutgers U., 2016.

Grant, Bernard. Puzzle Pieces. Paper Nautilus, 2016.

Grant, Bernard. Fly Back at Me. Yellow Chair, 2016.

Gray, Juliana. Anne Boleyn's Sleeve. Winged City, 2013.

Gray, Juliana. Roleplay. Dream Horse, 2012.

Habel, Jennifer. Good Reason. NFSPSP, 2012.

Hundemer, Ronald and Jeffrey Lanter. Evaluating Social Media: Critical Thinking to Writing. Hayden

McNeil, 2016.

Hurt, Rochelle. The Rusted City. White Pine, 2014.

Hurt, Rochelle. In Which I Play the Runaway. Barrow Street, 2016.

Iversen, Kristen. Full Body Burden. Crown, 2012 (hc) and Broadway Books, 2013 (paper).

Iversen, Kristen. Shadow Boxing: Art & Craft in Creative Nonfiction. Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004.

Iversen, Kristen. Molly Brown: Unraveling the Myth. Johnson Books, 1999.

Karapetkova, Holly. Towline. Cloudbank, 2016.

Karapetkova, Holly. Words We Might One Day Say. Washington Writers, 2010.

Koets, Julia. Hold Like Owls. U. South Carolina, 2012.

Lindenberg, Rebecca. The Logan Notebooks. Colorado State U/Center for Literary Publishing, 2014.

Lindenberg, Rebecca. Love, an Index. McSweeney's, 2012.

McCaffrey, Molly. How to Survive Graduate School (& Other Disasters): Stories. Mint Hill/Main Street

Rag, 2011.

McCaffrey, Molly. You Belong to Us: A Memoir. Mint Hill/Main Street Rag, 2015.

Mellas, Tessa. Lungs Full of Noise. U. Iowa, 2013.

Micciche, Laura. Doing Emotion: Rhetoric, Writing, Teaching. Boynton/Cook, 2007.

Micciche, Laura and Dale Jacobs, eds. A Way to Move: Rhetorics of Emotion & Composition Studies.

Boynton/Cook, 2003.

Nordgren, Sarah Rose. Best Bones. U. Pittsburgh, 2014.

Oberlin, Kevin. Spotlit Girl. Kent State U./Wick Chapbook, 2008.

Opengart, Bea. This Day. Finishing Line, 2011.

Opengart, Bea. Erotica. Owl Creek, 1995.

Opengart, Bea. Duties of the Heart: APennock, Matthew. Sudden Dog. Alice James Books, 2012.

Person, Leland S, ed. The Scarlet Letter and Othe Writings by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Norton Critical

Edition, 2017.

Person, Leland S, ed. A Historical Guide to James Fenimore Cooper. Oxford U., 2007.

Person, Leland S and Jana Argersinger, eds. Hawthorne & Melville: Writing a Relationship. U. Georgia,


Rentz, Kathryn and Paula Lentz. Business Communication: A Problem-Solving Approach. McGraw Hill,


Rerick, Michael. In Ways Impossible to Fold. Marsh Hawk, 2009.

Rumney, Linwood. Abandoned Earth. Gival, 2016.

Schiff, James A. Understanding Reynolds Price. U. of South Carolina, 1996.

Schiff, James A. John Updike Revisited. Twayne, 1998.

Schiff, James A., ed. Updike in Cincinnati. Ohio U, 2007.

Schiff, James A. Updike’s Version: Rewriting The Scarlet Letter. U. Missouri, 1992.

Schiff, James A., ed. Critical Essays on Reynolds Price. G. K. Hall, 1998.

Stewart, Leah. Husband & Wife. Harper, 2010.

Stewart, Leah. The Myth of You & Me. Shaye Areheart, 2005.

Stewart, Leah. The History of Us. Touchstone, 2013.

Twomey, Jay. 2 Corinthians: Crisis & Conflict. Bloomsbury/T & T Clark, 2017 (originally 2013).

Twomey, Jay and Richard Walsh, eds. Borges & the Bible. Sheffield Phoenix, 2015.

Twomey, Jay. The Pastoral Epistles through the Centuries. Wiley Blackwell, 2009.

Valente, Anne. Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down. Morrow, 2016.

Van Landingham, Corey. Antidote. Ohio State U., 2013.

Wilkinson, Caki. Circles Where the Head Should Be. U. North Texas, 2011.

Wilkinson, Caki. The Wynona Stone Poems. Persea, 2015.

Wright, Austin. Tony and Susan. Grand Central Publishing, 2011 (originally 1993).

Wright, Austin. The Morley Mythology. Harper & Row, 1977.

Wright, Austin. Camden's Eyes. Doubleday, 1969.

Wright, Austin. Disciples. Baskerville, 1997.

Wright, Austin. After Gregory. Baskerville, 1994.

Wright, Austin. First Persons. Harper & Row, 1973.

Zlabek, Katherine. Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands. Ricochet Editions, 2013.