Future Graduate Students

With 22 Master’s degree programs, 15 doctoral programs and 11 graduate certificates, the College of Arts and Sciences offers myriad opportunities for your graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati. We have more than a 1,000 students currently enrolled in our graduate programs.

For undergraduate students currently enrolled in A&S, 17 of our programs offer a 4+1 degree. Through the 4+1 degree option, students participating in designated majors can begin graduate coursework during the senior year of their Bachelor’s degree, then study a fifth year and receive a graduate degree as well.

Our graduate students may refine their studies with programs tailored to fit their desired sub-disciplines of study. For example, a Master’s in Chemistry allows students to research topics ranging from biochemistry to theoretical and computational chemistry. The sociology department ensures its graduate students are prepared for research within hospitals and governmental agencies.

Researchers from Arts and Sciences programs secured nearly $11 million in external funding last year for their research projects. So, if you are looking for a diverse environment in which to study and gain real-world experience, our top-ranked academic programs are a great place to start.