Academic Programs in Asian Studies

Students practicing asian language

American businesses, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations are deeply involved in Asia, yet there are not enough American professionals who are knowledgeable about the region. A degree or certificate in Asian studies, especially when combined with another field of study, offers a useful credential in an increasingly global marketplace. 

Students with training in Asian Studies may pursue careers in research institutions, business, industry, federal and local government, and nonprofit organizations. Such work includes teaching in an Asian country; international or multinational executive; research analyst; interpreter/translator; journalist; immigration agent; public policy; law enforcement; business; work involving cultural and cross-cultural training; human resources; and much more. The Asian Studies program, especially in combination with an additional major or minor or concentration, also prepares students for graduate school in several humanities and social science disciplines, and in business, journalism, international affairs, education, or law.

Additional career options are listed on the Career Development Center's website and on the Asian Studies blackboard site.