The Cincinnati Project

The Cincinnati Project is a research initiative housed in the College of Arts and Sciences. Faculty formed The Cincinnati Project to equitably partner with local organizations and to translate academic work into action that improves people’s lives in Cincinnati. The network of The Cincinnati Project harnesses the resources of University of Cincinnati faculty and the local knowledge and experience of community members to conduct research that will directly benefit marginalized people in Cincinnati.

Hundreds of students and faculty have participated in the work of The Cincinnati Project. These individuals have been involved as collaborative researchers with community members, program evaluators, and have produced reports for organizations to utilize in their specific policy goals.

Students who collaborate on TCP research benefit from applying the information learned in classrooms to real world problems in our city, practicing job skills while experiencing the value of community engagement. Together, the projects contribute to the larger goal of creating a more equitable Cincinnati.

To learn more about The Cincinnati Project, visit the website.

If you are interested in giving to The Cincinnati Project you can give online or contact the A&S UC Foundation Team.