About the College of Arts and Sciences

University of Cincinnati’s College of Arts and Sciences provides a liberal arts education that sets our students up for success in a wide variety of career paths. Because of the breadth and depth of our 40+ academic programs, our students enjoy an offering of interdisciplinary opportunities that position them to compete—and succeed—upon graduation and beyond. 

Since our beginnings in 1819, the College of Arts and Sciences has grown to become the mainstay of an urban, thriving top-25 research university in a city with nine Fortune 500 companies and countless industries, start-ups, and non-profits.

Today, our more than 7,500 undergraduate and 700 graduate students enjoy a world-class education that remains affordable, and includes study-abroad, research and service-learning opportunities. Because UC is the global founder of cooperative education, experiential learning is a cornerstone of our curriculum. We provide our students resumé-building experience outside the classroom through co-op and internship positions—developing real-world skills, cultivating networks, and jumpstarting careers.

Our promise is to provide an unparalleled educational experience with award-winning faculty, a worldwide alumni network, and exemplary services that our students cannot get anywhere else.

Our Mission

We are collectively devoted to transforming our world through the exploration and dissemination of knowledge. As researchers, we delve into the past and present, understanding natural phenomena, appreciating diverse cultures, celebrating the boundless expressions of the human spirit, and examining the intricacies of social systems and the ideas and practices that shape them.   

As teachers, we accomplish this by fostering and promoting connections between the humanities, social sciences and the natural sciences. Our unwavering dedication lies in both acquiring and sharing knowledge through the lenses of critical thinking and persuasive communication. For our students, these enduring tools provide a guide toward a lifetime of learning, contribution, passion and purpose.

A&S By the Numbers

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1,761 (21.2%)

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in experience-based learning
opportunities over 2017

  • Internships
  • Co-ops
  • Study Abroad
  • Service Learning
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in Ohio among the Top 50 public universities for research and development in the humanities.

—Chronicle of Higher Education

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  • 29 Minors
  • 58 Certificates
  • 44 Undergraduate Programs
  • 22 Master's Programs
  • 17 Doctoral Programs
  • 9 Graduate Certificates
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2017–2018 was a record year for donor support. A&S received nearly $10 million in gifts and pledges, 74% percent restricted solely for use to support students, faculty and programs.

Retention Rate - Over 80% for the past ten years.