Geology of Cincinnati

Professor J Barry Maynard
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Course number: 15-GEOL-362

Welcome to the website for my course on Cincinnati geology. This website is a gateway to other pages and sites that provide abundant detail on the fascinating diversity of geology of the Tri-state area, including much information on geologic hazards. The section entitled "Papers" has some longer, more formal presentations on local geology. "Data" has some useful databases. "Illustrations" is a photo collection of important features. Each index page has a group of thumbnail images. Click on the thumbnail to bring up the full-scale image. Finally there is a collection of links to other sites that contain useful information about geology, architecture, and hazards.

Landslide and Flood Data

Black and white photo of the roebling bridge in 1937

Roebling Bridge 1937
(Courtesy: Library of Greater Cincinnati of Hamilton County)

Cincinnati flood data from USGS

Cincinnati landslide data

Photo of erosion on Columbia Parkway

Cincinnati Landslides: 1974-1993
Total Cost to City: Property 59.6 miilion $
Mt Adams slide (1982) 44.5 million $
Yearly cost = 2.9 million $
(All in 2005 dollars)

Cincinnati vs California Landslides: 1973-1978 Per Capita Cost to City

  • Hamilton County - 5.80 $
  • San Francisco - 1.30 $
  • Los Angeles (private property) - 1.60 $
  • Los Angeles (public & private) - 3.50 $