About the Division

The Division of Statistics and Data Science within the Department of Mathematical Sciences was established in August 2018 to foster and strengthen the statistics program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The division has nine full-time faculty and two affiliate faculty whose focus is on research, teaching, and mentoring students. Statistics faculty are actively involved in research focusing on diverse areas representing current research trends, with interest in developing novel statistical methodologies and their applications. They are also active in interdisciplinary research and collaboration, and have a keen interest in further strengthening this collaboration with researchers in the local area institutions. 

Currently, the Division of Statistics and Data Science offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Statistics, a minor in Statistics, a BA/BS+MS in Statistics (4+1), a Master of Science (MS) in Statistics, a Graduate Certificate in Statistical Science, and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program with concentration in statistics (A stand-alone PhD in Statistics program will start in 2023). 

Our statistics program has a long history with a large number of alumni spread across the country in successful careers in statistics in industries and academia. The Cincinnati area is also unique for opportunities in statistics having several institutions with a strong interest in statistics applications and research. We have a successful internship program that offers our statistics graduate and undergraduate students an opportunity to work part-time in local institutions, including especially the Cincinnati Children Hospital and Medical Center and Proctor & Gamble Co. Several of our students gain valuable experience from this opportunity by working on statistical data analysis and research in a professional work environment.

The division is in the process of further strengthening its statistics program by developing a stand-alone PhD in Statistics program. We expect the new doctoral program to be offered in 2023. Please revisit the division’s website for updates on these and other developments.