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The Department of English at the University of Cincinnati fosters the liberal arts by focusing on English-language texts across four mutually-interrelated disciplines: Literary and Cultural Studies; Creative Writing; Professional Writing; and Rhetoric & Composition.  Our faculty and graduate students produce exciting, award-winning, and interdisciplinary scholarly and creative work; and our students at the graduate and undergraduate levels profit from richly varied yet integrated curricular offerings tailored to specific academic interests. We can boast of a number of truly outstanding resources, including the George Elliston Poetry Room, one of the finest collections of American poetry anywhere in the nation, and the Helen Weinberger Center, involving a collaborative partnership with UC’s College Conservatory of Music and the Cincinnati theatre community. The department publishes a number of journals, hosts reading series, festivals, and conferences, and welcomes prominent scholars for lectures and classroom visits.  Student groups, like the English Graduate Organization and the Undergraduate English Society, organize events throughout the year, helping to create our strong sense of community – despite the fact that we are the largest department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

English has something for everyone, from practical considerations concerning the best software to use in desktop publishing to theoretical reflections on issues of identity in literary and cultural texts.  If, after exploring our site, you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Areas of Study

  • Creative Writing
    The Creative Writing track allows students to combine the writing of fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, or poetry with the advanced study of literature.
  • English Education
    Do you want a career as a high school or middle school English teacher? This track, coupled with a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Secondary Education, trains students to enter the teaching profession in English Language Arts at the secondary level.
  • Literary and Cultural Studies
    This area focuses on the study of significant texts and forms, both literary and extra-literary, from all historical periods; major critical theories and approaches, current as well as foundational; and the historical, cultural, and ideological conditions under which texts have been produced and received.
  • Professional Writing
    The Professional Writing discipline enables students to establish a strong theoretical framework for practical applications in the field of professional writing.
  • Rhetoric & Composition
    Areas of study in the program include composition pedagogy, theory, and history, rhetorical theory (classical, contemporary, and cultural rhetorics), new media studies, research methods, public writing, and writing program administration.

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Hoa Nguyen

Kate Vieira

Kate Vieira is the Susan J. Cellmer distinguished chair in literacy in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Workshop: Creative Writing as Scholarly Method    
Tuesday, February 8, 10:00-11:30 am
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Lecture: How to Write for Peace: Lessons from Colombian Young People
Monday, February 7, 4:00-5:30 pm,
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Divya Victor

Poetry Reading
February 16, 2022; 7:00 pm EST
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Donika Kelly

Heid E. Erdrich

"Acts of Art: Poetry as Institutional Intervention"
March 7, 2022; 7:00 pm EST
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Poet, curator, and collaborative interdisciplinary artist Heid E. Erdrich will lead a talk on poetry and text intervention at art museums, landmarks, colleges and other institutions. Audience will be asked to consider brief exercises for their own interventions. 

Poetry Reading
March 10, 2022; 7:00 pm EST
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Craig Santos Perez

A&S Black alumni, faculty honored at Onyx & Ruby Gala

March 8, 2022

University of Cincinnati alumni, faculty, staff and students gathered in February to honor African American leaders and achievers at the 2022 Onyx & Ruby Gala. Awardees included College of Arts & Sciences alumni N. John Bey and Maurice Stewart, and professor of English LaVerne Summerlin, who recently marked her 50th anniversary on faculty at UC. Summerlin received the Tower of Strength award, which recognizes a UC faculty or staff member for shaping students’ personal and professional development. Summerlin, who has been at UC since 1970, has received over 20 educational and teaching awards, including the A.B. Dolly Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching.

What is English?

February 8, 2022

If you’re thinking about majoring in English as a college undergraduate, you may be wondering about the benefits of studying a language you already know. Regardless of your professional goals, there is no doubt most careers require refined reading, writing and critical thinking skills. The University of Cincinnati’s Department of English, in the College of Arts and Sciences, offers academic routes that align with students’ career goals and personal interests. Whether you want to become an educator, author or enter the corporate or non-profit worlds, students in the English program learn the necessary skills that help them stand out in the job market. English is an interdisciplinary field that combines scholarly and creative work, in additional to tracks with professional applications. Students are given the liberty to pursue various academic routes. Lisa Beckelheimer, director of undergraduate studies, explains that the program was revised about three years ago to better suit the professional and creative needs of students.

UC professor LaVerne Summerlin celebrates over 50 years

January 20, 2022

Only 15 years before professor of English LaVerne Summerlin joined UC’s faculty, Rosa Parks took her place on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, and changed history. With the country on the cusp of seismic civil rights change, Summerlin joined UC’s faculty in 1970, and since, she has exerted her own quiet influence on classes, academic programs, and campus culture—changing history in her own way. Summerlin will be honored at UC’s 2022 Onyx & Ruby Gala, which each year recognizes the achievements of Black alumni, faculty and staff for their achievements at UC. She will receive the Tower of Strength Award for shaping students’ personal and professional development.

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