Headshot of Ibrahim B. Amidou

Ibrahim B. Amidou

Adjunct Assistant Professor of French, A&S Romance Language Adjuncts



French / Francophone Literatures, Cultures and Civilizations, Basic French language and culture, French pronunciation, Francophone African cultures and literatures, social, political, economic and historical analysis of Africa, modern African literature, French and Francophone films, French/English Translation, English composition.

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Siham Bouamer

Asst Professor, A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat

709C Old Chemistry Building


My research foci include French and Francophone literature and film of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, colonial and postcolonial literatures, with a specialization in transnational movements to and from the Maghreb. I also have a broad comparative interest in my research by reaching into disciplines such as Arabic, cultural, gender, and queer studies.

My first research area considers French women travelers’ narratives during the protectorate in Morocco (1912-1956). I investigate how tourism discourse in those accounts served as a subtext for the promotion of French imperial expansion in Morocco. The hierarchies of class, gender, race, religion, and sexuality, constitutive of imperial legacies that still persist in contemporary discourses, guide my second research area. This work specifically focuses on intersectional oppression in contemporary France through the lenses of migration, gender, postcolonial, and queer studies. 

My research on contemporary Francophone studies and my commitment to diversity and inclusion inform my teaching pedagogy. As co-founder of the Diversity, Decolonization, and the French Curriculum collective, I strive to implement and share best practices in curriculum development grounded in decolonial and anti-racist pedagogy. 
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Becky Lynn Bridgman

Asst Professor - Adj Ann, A&S Romance Language Adjuncts

EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center


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Seynabou Dieye

Study Abroad Advisor, International Programs

EDWARDS 1 Edwards Center


I am a graduate student in master program in French, have worked for over 10 years at Delta Air Lines as a translator and flight attendant, which gave me the opportunity to experience and enjoy several different aspects of utilizing languages to bridge cultures. I have completed my undergraduate degree in communication and fluently speak French. I have also worked as an operations manager in one of the busiest airport in the United States, managing over 150 departures daily. I am currently tutoring in French for the department of romance languages at the University of Cincinnati, providing academic support to students at various level of French courses.  
Headshot of Michael R Gott

Michael R Gott

Professor of French & Department Head (RALL) and Professor of Film & Media Studies (SCFMS), A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat



My research and teaching interests include transnational film and screen media, global screen industries and networks, border studies, mobility studies, contemporary French and Francophone cultures (including cinema, TV, bande dessinée and literature), Belgian cinema, the cinema of Quebec, diaspora and migration, mobility studies, and European Studies. My latest book, Screen Borders: From Calais to cinéma-monde, was released in 2023 by Manchester University Press. I am working on an edited collection about contemporary cinema from Quebec that will be released by Liverpool University Press in 2024 and a journal issue on francophone streaming industries.

I teach graduate seminars and undergrad gourses on global screen media, travel and identity in cinema and comic books, francophone culture and cultural studies, migration and identity, cinéma-monde, road movies and mobility in cinema, and global screen industry networks andplatforms.

I am an affiliate faculty member in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the director of programming for UC's Niehoff Center for Film & Media Studies.
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Janine C Hartman

Professor of History,, A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat



Professor of

Dept Romance Languages and Literatures
College of Arts & Sciences
717D Old Chem Bldg
Ph 556-1596
My field is the history of ideas. Current research interests are Catulle Mendés,Parnassian poet and his role as  witness to the  Franco-Prussian war, the Commune  insurrection and fall  of Paris in 1871, as  refracted through "ruin studies." Additional fields include witchcraft, ritual in early modern society and symbolic sovereignty in French colonial history..
Affliiate: History,Judaic Studies, Women & Gender Studies
Headshot of Irene Ivanova Ivantcheva-Merjanska

Irene Ivanova Ivantcheva-Merjanska

Assoc Professor - Educator, A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat

711 Old Chemistry Building


Associate Professor Educator and Undegraduate Studies Director 
Headshot of Therese Migraine George

Therese Migraine George

Professor of French and Francophone Studies, A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat



Thérèse Migraine-George is the author of African Women and Representation: From Performance to Politics (Africa World Press, 2008), From Francophonie to World Literature in French: Ethics, Poetics, and Politics (University of Nebraska Press, 2013), a book of essays: Mes Etats-Unis: Portraits d'une Amérique que vous ne connaissez pas (Edilivre, 2009), and two novels: Amour de travers (Edilivre, 2010) and Envol (Edilivre, 2014). She has also published various articles and book chapters on Francophone writers, African literatures, cultures, and films, and queer studies. 
Headshot of Shureka _ Nyawalo

Shureka _ Nyawalo

Assistant Professor Educator and Coordinator of the Basic French Program, A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat

719B Old Chemistry Building


My name is Dr. Shureka Nyawalo and I am an Assistant Professor Educator and the Basic French Program Coordinator at the University of Cincinnati Clifton (uptown) campus. My research and scholarly interests include French phonology, second/foreign language teaching and learning, and teaching in higher education contexts. At UC, I teach 1000-level and 3000-level courses in French. As coordinator, I oversee the 1000- and 2000-level courses in the French program.

Additionally, I organize the summer language immersion program in Bordeaux, France, at the DEFLE (Département d'Études de Français Langue Étrangère). (For more details, go to: 

More recently, my collegues and I were awarded a competitive federal grant to develop teaching materials. (Read UC's article on this grant:
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Sylvie Lakaine Wanda

Instructor - Adj Ann, A&S Romance Language Adjuncts

Old Chemistry Building


Headshot of Catherine L White

Catherine L White

Assoc Professor - Educator, A&S Romance & Arabic Languages & Literat



Associate Professor - Educator

Dr. White teaches French language, literature, theatre, culture and film. She has been awarded the Darwin Turner Teaching Award twice, and was nominated for the Dolly Cohen Excellence in Teaching Award.  Her primary research area is in French and Francophone cinema. She was a member of the founding committee for the first certificate in film and media studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. She teaches courses in French film to majors and minors in the Department of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures. She has published, presented and organized panels on French and Francophone film. Her interest in film as an artifact of social relevance combines with students' love of and fascination with international cinema, French and francophone cultures and language.

Dr. White is currently teaching first and second year language courses and a new course, "La Chanson en français" - Songs in French - (FREN 3050).


Ph.D. in Romance Languages & Literatures, University of Cincinnati, 2003
Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, University of Cincinnati, 1999
M.A. in French Literature, University of Cincinnati, 1998
B.A. in French and Comparative Literature, Indiana University, 1978

Dissertation title: "The Influence of Religious Faith on Christine de Pizan's Defense of Women"

Current areas of teaching and research: French and Francophone film studies. 

Other Work Experience: Three years in advertising, Paris and New York.
Ten years in theatre, New York City.