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Fall 2018

PWRT 6024: Editing Professional Documents

Wednesday | 4:40-7:30 pm 

Would you like to learn about the different types of editing jobs out there and what each entails? Would you like to practice doing different types of editing for different types of publications? Do you wish you knew what those funny-looking proofreading symbols mean and how to use them? Are you a little nervous about the stylistic appropriateness and grammatical correctness of your writing? This course will open up a broad area of potential employment for you, teach you some tools and tricks of the trade, and strengthen your own stylistic skill.

Fall 2018

PWRT 7001: Introduction to Professional Writing

Monday | 4:40-7:30 

This course is an introduction to the field of professional writing as an academic discipline and as a profession.  We will also study its research methods to prepare for other courses in the program.  The course will include advice about planning your program of study, finding internships and jobs, giving a conference paper, writing for publication, and becoming a member of professional communities.  You will have the chance to ask the professional writing faculty and alumni about anything else concerning your graduate work and your future plans. This course is intended primarily for new graduate students in the PW MA program.

Fall 2018

PWRT 6028: Publishing & New Media

Tuesday | 6-8:50 pm 

The course provides students with the fundamentals of book and magazine publishing, while preparing them to succeed in an era in which publication environments are fluid spaces where interactions among people, machines and media (words, images, sounds, video, animations, simulations) must be structured. Students will learn to explore multiple approaches to creating, managing, distributing, and marketing content across multiple platforms-including books, e-books, periodicals, websites, blogs, podcasts, mobile extensions, and other formats. Projects may be client focused.

Fall 2018

PWRT 7045: Web Design

Thursday | 6-8:50 pm   

Students will learn concepts and techniques of web design including standards-compliant web page creation using X/HTML and CSS, web usability and accessibility. Students will gain hands-on experience in several tools and apply the theoretical knowledge to a comprehensive project. Projects may be client focused.