Upcoming Classes

Fall 2024

ENGL 5124/PWRT 6024: Editing Professional Documents

Instructor: Cook  | Monday, Wednesday 2:30 PM – 3:25 PM HYBRID

Would you like to learn about the different types of editing out there and what each entails? Would you like to practice doing different types of editing for different types of publications? Do you wish you knew how to use copyediting symbols, the main style guides for editors, and different platforms for online editing? Are you a little nervous about the stylistic appropriateness and grammatical correctness of your own writing? This course will acquaint you with a broad area of potential employment, teach you some tools and tricks of the editing trade, and strengthen your own stylistic skill.

ENGL 5125/PWRT 6025: Information Design

Instructor: TBD  |  Thursday  4:40 PM – 7:30 PM

Dive into the art and science of transforming data into compelling visual stories. You’ll work on the entire lifecycle of data visualization, beginning with sourcing data from diverse datasets to crafting visually striking and impactful narratives.


PWRT 7001: Introduction to Professional Writing

Instructor: Anderson | Wednesday  4:40-7:30 pm

The course will introduce you to the field of professional writing as an academic discipline and as a profession. We’ll discuss the history of the field, its scholarship, and research methods commonly used in workplace writing settings as well as academic professional writing research. The course will include advice about finding internships and jobs, giving a conference paper, writing for publication, and becoming a member of professional communities.  You will have the chance to ask the professional writing faculty and alumni about anything else concerning your graduate work and your future plans. This course is intended primarily for new graduate students in the PW MA program but would benefit other graduate students interested in teaching professional and technical writing courses.

PWRT 7045: Web Design

Instructor: TBA  |  Tuesday  4:40 PM – 7:30 PM

Do you want to hone your web design skills? This class will teach you the fundamentals of creating standards-compliant web pages using X/HTML and CSS, while exploring the critical elements of web usability and accessibility. You’ll enhance your skill set with hands-on experience using top web design tools, culminating in a final project that demonstrates your capability to develop a user-friendly and visually compelling website.