Upcoming Classes

Fall 2019

PWRT 7001: Introduction to Professional Writing

Instructor: Arduser        [day to be determined]           4:40-7:30 pm

This course is an introduction to the field of professional writing as an academic discipline and as a profession.  We will also study its research methods to prepare for other courses in the program.  The course will include advice about planning your program of study, finding internships and jobs, giving a conference paper, writing for publication, and becoming a member of professional communities.  You will have the chance to ask the professional writing faculty and alumni about anything else concerning your graduate work and your future plans. This course is intended primarily for new graduate students in the PW MA program


ENGL 5121/PWRT 6021 Instructional Design

Instructor: Rentz                           Wednesday              4:40pm-7:30pm

Are you a good explainer? If you’re planning on a career in professional writing, or any career using a lot of writing, the answer had better be “yes”! This is a course for people whose explaining skills need a boost, or who want to practice different kinds of explaining, or who want to get familiar with the tools and practices used in the instructional design field—or all of the above. You’ll be introduced to principles of verbal and visual design as they apply to instructional/educational materials, for both print and electronic delivery.  You’ll get (more) experience analyzing audiences, gathering information, planning content and format, and testing results in order to produce usable, user-centered documents. Assignments will range from writing short print instructions to developing an online tutorial in Adobe Captivate—the top e-learning tool in the ID profession. 


PWRT 7043- Science and Health Writing

Instructor: Arduser            Thursday              4:40-7:30pm

Are you interested in gravitational waves, space archaeology, or climate change? Or maybe superbugs, gene editing, or neuroscience is your thing? If you’re interested in exploring writing in the fields of health and science, take this course! You’ll learn a range of writing and communication strategies for a variety of audiences. You’ll also critically examine how popular discourse changes our understanding of the practices of science, medicine, health and how you can advocate for issues you are passionate about through writing.


PWRT 7044 Document Design and Publishing

Instructor: Larkin                   Tuesday                       6:00-8:50pm

This course introduces students to the basic design principles and software for publications.  Students will learn the software programs used in professional design and digital publishing including Adobe CC InDesign (page layout), Photoshop (graphics: raster-based image manipulation), and Illustrator (graphics: vector-based drawing). In weekly lectures and workshops, students learn the fundamentals of typography, page composition, use of color, incorporation of graphics, and preparing documents primarily for print. Some of the projects will be client base.