Financial Information

Graduate Student Funding

All applications for admission to our graduate programs will also be considered for financial aid. No separate application for graduate student assistantships is required. We offer many financial aid options to graduate students through several sources:

  • The University of Cincinnati provides merit-based graduate awards in the form of:
    • tuition scholarships known as Graduate Assistant Scholarship (GAS) or Graduate Incentive Award Scholarship (GIA);
    • graduate assistantships (GA), including Teaching Assistantships (TA) and Research Assistantships (RA), and
    • program-specific scholarships and fellowships.
  • Scholarship and fellowship support is also available from a diverse collection of external sponsors at the local, state, national, and international levels.
  • Need-based support for U.S. students may be obtained from federal and state sources.

All financial supports are competitive, and the funding decision will be made on the basis of the overall assessment of applicants' GPA of previous studies, GRE scores, recommendation letters, potential for working as TAs and RAs, and potential for academic success. Financial awards are normally given for the academic year, and the renewal of the awards is based on the funding availability and the review of student’s academic performance.

UC Graduate School financial information

Additional Funding Information

Robert B. McNee Award

The Robert B. McNee Award is given annually to the most outstanding graduate student in the Department of Geography. Under the donors' terms, this award, when possible is, given to a student who is working in the late Professor McNee's areas of research - economic geography or gay/lesbian studies. In both cases, students are nominated by Geography Department faculty and the nominations screened by standing committees of the department.

Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI)

The Graduate School at the University of Cincinnati has announced that its Graduate Student Health Insurance (GSHI) award will now cover 75 percent of current university student health insurance costs for eligible graduate students. Newly allocated funds will boost the GSHI award for the 2016–2017 academic year to $855 per semester, up from the previous level of $625 per semester. See details.

Other Sources

Applicants should be aware that other sources of financial aid are available for graduate students. Such agencies and organizations as the National Science Foundation, the Ford Foundation, Resources for the Future and others offer many graduate fellowships. Applicants should write directly to the agencies and organizations concerned. Inquiries that are concerned specifically with the Geography Graduate Programs should be addressed to:

The Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Geography University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210131
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0131 USA

Those seeking additional information about the Graduate Minority Fellows and Scholars Program should address their requests to:

Graduate Minority Fellows and Scholars
University Dean's Office
University of Cincinnati
PO Box 210627
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0627 USA
Phone: (513) 556-4337