Scholarships and Awards

Morgan Scholarships

The Department of English and Comparative Literature awards the Morgan scholarship, up to $2,000 per year, to incoming English Majors with the highest GPAs. The scholarship is available to recipients for 4 years as long as they remain in the program and maintain at least a B (3.0) average.

Vilter Scholarships

The Department of English and Comparative Literature awards the Vilter scholarships to full-time students who enter the University through a branch campus. The scholarships are provided on the basis on achievement in English (writing) to students who, by time of matriculation in A&S, will have accumulated a minimum of 36 credits and met the English Composition sequence grade requirement with no grade lower than a B (not B-) in any English course.


The Department of English and Comparative Literature provides varying opporunities to win monetary awards, recognition, and even the opportunity to be published in Short Vine. Each year awardees are recognized formally at the Writing Prize Competition and Awards Reception.

Awards Categories include:                                              

  • Academy of American Poets Prize: Best single poem.
  • Browning Prize: Best essay written on the poetry of the Brownings.
  • English Composition Prize: Outstanding Essays written for an ENGL1000, 1001, 1012 or 2089 class in the current academic year.
  • Hopton Short Story Prize: Best short story of 12 pages or less.
  • Jean Chimsky Poetry Prize: Outstanding group of three to five poems.
  • Playwriting Prize: Best play.
  • Professional Writing Prize: Excellence in professional writing.
  • Robinson Essay Prize: Outstanding essay.
  • Shakespeare Prize: Best essay written on Shakespeare.
  • Staples Senior Honor Thesis: Best senior honors thesis written during the current academic year.
  • Screenplay Prize: Best short screenplay of 10 pages or less.