About Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

Generally, there are numerous definitions for how one understands the meaning of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. At A&S, we want to be intentional in how we use and understand this language.

When we use the word diversity in A&S, we are referring to the presence of a wide array of individuals from different backgrounds. These different backgrounds could include race, ethnicity, nativity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, sexual expression, socioeconomic status, ability and age as well as others.

When we are discussing equity in A&S, we are referring to ensuring justice and fairness in access and opportunity. We do this by acknowledging the sociohistorical context and causes for the current inequity we see in the world.  We do this by creating, normalizing and standardizing transparent and equitable policies and procedures.  

When we say inclusion in A&S, we are referring to the act of creating, nurturing and sustaining a culture of mutual respect for all members of our A&S family, no matter the differences among us. We do this by inviting, valuing, hearing and respecting diverse voices as key stakeholders and decision makers in our college.