Asian Studies

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Asian Studies students abroad in Asia, bowing at temple

As a student of Asian Studies, you will develop cultural awareness and critical understanding of Asia’s central role in the world through research, study abroad programs, guest lectures and other extra-curricular events. You also will be prepared for exciting careers in the US and abroad.

Asian studies is an interdisciplinary major that explores the languages, literatures, cultures, economics, history, geography, and politics, and visual arts of Asian countries. Students often combine an Asian studies degree or certificate with another major field of study.

Students may also pursue minors or second majors in another field of study, including art history, business, e-media, English, engineering, history, international affairs, journalism, music, planning, political science, and women's studies.

Students may also study abroad in Asia, pursue internships and apply for fellowships and competitive awards such as Boren and language-study fellowships. 

We offer the following programs of study:

  • Undergraduate major in Asian Studies
  • Undergraduate minor in Asian Studies
  • Undergraduate certificate in Chinese Language and Culture
  • Undergraduate certificate in Japanese Language and Culture
  • Graduate certificate in Asian Studies

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For more information on our degrees, courses, and programs, see the relevant links on this page or contact professor Junko Markovich, Director of Asian Studies. 

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Junko Markovich

Director of Asian Studies, Department of Asian, East European, and German Studies

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