Asian Studies Graduate Certificate

About the Program

Asia is gaining increasing economic and strategic prominence in the world, and Asian countries have rich and fascinating cultures and heritages. The Asian Studies graduate certificate at the University of Cincinnati is an interdisciplinary program of study on Asia, with courses from the humanities and social sciences. The certificate is a useful additional credential for students obtaining graduate degrees in these disciplines, as well as for students in business, education, planning, engineering, law, and other areas. It is also open to those who already have an undergraduate degree but are currently not enrolled in a degree program at the University of Cincinnati.


The Asian Studies graduate certificate requires at least 12 credits and three core courses in Asian studies, including Aist 7050 – Survey of Asian Studies.

Core Classes counting for the graduate certificate include:

AIST 7050                             Survey of Asian Studies (required)

AIST 6142                             Early Modern Japanese Art                                                                                AIST 6145                             East Asian Buddhist Art                                                                                      AIST 6050, 6051                  Japanese Prints, Japanese Art                                                AIST6151                             Gender, Sexuality, and Culture – Japan and East Asia                                    AIST6154                             Asian Women                                                                                                  AIST 6171, 6172                  Topics in Asian Art, Asian Culture                                                                      AIST 7078, 7083, 7084      Japan, China, East Asia                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HIST 6024 / WGS 6024/ AIST 6024 Gender & Empire                                                                                    HIST 6000 / WGS 7027 Gender, Sexuality, and Society                                                                          HIST6025 / WGS6025  Women in South Asia                                                                                        HIST7054 , 7056, 8047, 7052 Topics in History - East Asia, South Asia, Central Asia, Islamic World                                                                                                                                                                                    MUHS 6067                          Ethnomusicology (on Music of the Himalayas; Classical Indian Music; Music in South Asia, etc.)                                                                                                                                MUHS 6082-83                    World Music Lab (on Indian instruments, Himalayan Music, etc.)                                                                                                                                                                                          POL 6064   South Asia and the World                                                                                                            POL 6083: China and America                                                                                                                  POL 6086: Asian Politics / Asian Security                                                                                                        GEOL 6021/41, EVST 6041  Geology of the Himalayas                                                                                  Non-Core Classes (a combination of two non-core classes can count as a single core class)                      POL 6065                              Women & Sustainable Development (with class research paper on Asia)    POL 6068, 7068                  Nation, Race, Identity (with class research paper on Asia)                                POL 7069                              Democracy and Development (with class research paper on Asia)                PLAN 6032: Sustainable Development – Global Issues (with class research paper on Asia)                      PLAN 6062: Energy Planning and Conservation (with class research paper on Asia) 

Other graduate classes covering Asia from the above or other departmentsmay be considered upon confirmation by the Asian Studies director.    


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Further Information

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