Emeriti Faculty

Headshot of Robert Bast

Robert Bast

Educator Associate Professor

Headshot of Guy N. Cameron

Guy N. Cameron


ECBR, Nutritional, behavioral and community ecology, primarily with rodents; conservation biology; impact of habitat fragmentation and exotic species on community function
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Daniel H Gist

Emeritus Faculty

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Edwin R Griff

Associate Professor


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Dennis W. Grogan


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Carl A Huether

Emeritus Professor

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Edna Sayomi Kaneshiro

Distinguished Research Professor

ECBR, Cellular physiology cell biology, and biochemistry; structure and function of free-living, opportunistic and parasitic eukaryotic protists with an emphasis on lipids
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Richard Karp

Academic Director, Professor


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Ralph R Meyer

Emeritus Professor

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Michael C Miller


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Antony J Mukkada

Emeritus Faculty

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Paul Nodzak

Educator Assistant Professor

I am a Family Physician who now teaches full-time as an assistant professor in the Department of Biology.  My interests include Anatomy and Physiology bringing my 22 years of clinical experience to students answering why they are learning all this information by presenting real clinical and practical applications.
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Charlotte M Paquin

Associate Professor

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Steven H. Rogstad


Headshot of Jodi R Shann

Jodi R Shann

Director of the Environmental Studies Program
, A&S Environmental Studies

731D Rieveschl Hall


Environmental Chemistry; Biodegradation and Phytoremediation; Ecological Restoration
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Jerry Snider

Emeritus Faculty

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Katherine Tepperman


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G. Douglas Winget

Emeritus Faculty