Emeriti Faculty

Headshot of Robert Bast

Robert Bast

Educator Associate Professor

Headshot of Guy N. Cameron

Guy N. Cameron


ECBR, Nutritional, behavioral and community ecology, primarily with rodents; conservation biology; impact of habitat fragmentation and exotic species on community function
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Mary Claire Fox


Headshot of Daniel H Gist

Daniel H Gist

Emeritus Faculty

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Edwin R Griff

Associate Professor


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Headshot of Carl A Huether

Carl A Huether

Emeritus Professor

Headshot of Edna Sayomi Kaneshiro

Edna Sayomi Kaneshiro

Distinguished Research Professor

ECBR, Cellular physiology cell biology, and biochemistry; structure and function of free-living, opportunistic and parasitic eukaryotic protists with an emphasis on lipids
Headshot of Richard Karp

Richard Karp

Academic Director, Professor


Headshot of Ralph R Meyer

Ralph R Meyer

Emeritus Professor

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Michael C Miller


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Antony J Mukkada

Emeritus Faculty

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Headshot of Charlotte M Paquin

Charlotte M Paquin

Associate Professor

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Steven H. Rogstad


Headshot of Jodi R Shann

Jodi R Shann

Director of the Environmental Studies Program
, A&S Environmental Studies

731D Rieveschl Hall


Environmental Chemistry; Biodegradation and Phytoremediation; Ecological Restoration
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Jerry Allen Snider

Emeritus Faculty

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Katherine Tepperman


Headshot of G Douglas Winget

G Douglas Winget

Emeritus Faculty