Academic Programs in Asian Studies

Group of asian studies students posing for a group picture in the max kade center

We offer an undergraduate major and minor in Asian Studies; undergraduate certificates in Chinese Language & Culture and in Japanese Language & Culture; and a graduate certificate in Asian Studies.

The Major in Asian Studies requires 36 credit hours, including 8 credits of second-year Asian languages (eg. CHIN and JAPN 2001-2002); 3 credits of Survey & Methods in Asian Studies (AIST 3050); 3 credits of Senior Project (AIST 5091 or another capstone class); 3 or more credits in Humanities (art history, culture, literature, history, music, religion, philosophy, etc); and 3 or more credits in Social Sciences (economics, geography, planning, political science, etc).
*Asian Studies Major Requirements

The Minor in Asian Studies requires 21 credits. Two typical options for the minor are i) 10 credits in language courses and 12 credits in non-language courses, or ii) 21 credits of non-language courses.
Asian Studies Minor Requirements

The Certificate in Chinese Language and Culture requires 3 years of Chinese language, Introduction to Chinese Culture, and one elective in Asian Studies.
*Chinese Certificate Requirements

The Certificate in Japanese Language and Culture requires 3 years of Japanese language, Introduction to Japanese Culture, and one elective in Asian Studies.
*Japanese certificate requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies requires 12 credits including a survey course (AIST 7050) and two-three more graduate courses.

To sign up for the undergraduate major, minor, and certificates, students should declare the relevant program online.

See the Asian Studies Course List for our classes.

Download the Program Brochure here.