Why Pursue an Interdisciplinary Degree?

Advance Your Education

Students interested in developing a degree in interdisciplinary studies are able to choose between two majors: a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts (LART) and a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS). In both these majors, you are able to select from various disciplines to meet goals that cannot be met by focusing your studies around one of the many standard majors the college offers.

These interdisciplinary approaches emphasize:

  • Ideas and lessons learned across disciplines that promote practical and transferable skills;
  • Knowledge and diversity of perspectives to deal with complex and changing global issues; and
  • A variety of analytic tools useful in resolving real–world problems

Channel Your Creativity

With the Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree, students can create a unique combination of three minors and/or certificates, one of which can be from another college within the University of Cincinnati. With the advice of your Academic and Program Directors, you can develop the combination that best meets your academic and career needs.

In the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree, students pursue a custom degree. Academic and Program Directors and faculty mentors will help you create a framework of courses that reflect your goals and interests, selecting relevant courses throughout the liberal arts and sciences and beyond.

Kick Start Your Career

Undergraduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Studies and Liberal Arts allow students to learn from multiple disciplines that will enhance a student’s educational and vocational goals. You are thus prepared to move into a variety of areas, including:

  • graduate studies that are not reflected by existing majors within the university;
  • professional degree programs such as law, or medicine, and
  • employment that requires multiple responsibilities and where varied perspectives are appropriate and useful, such as careers as analysts, public service workers, community organizers, and human rights and environmental advocates.