English Education

Program Overview

Do you want a career as a high school or middle school English teacher? This track of the English major, coupled with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Secondary Education, trains students to enter the teaching profession in English Language Arts at the secondary level.

This track is designed for two kinds of students: those who wish to double major in English and in Secondary Education with a concentration in English Language Arts; and those further along in their academic careers who major in English and then, following graduation, wish to enter UC’s Secondary Education graduate program to receive a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction plus licensure to teach. Students who earn a Bachelor’s degree in English with a track in English Education with the intent on applying to graduate school should take English as the first major and fulfill the requirements of the College of Arts & Sciences. Students who are early in their academic careers should declare English Education as a second major and Secondary Education (in the College of Education) as the first major. 

Students in the English Education track receive training that will make them more competitive on the job market. The courses they take provide a thorough knowledge of literature and approaches to literary and cultural analysis, as well as instruction in effective stylistic, analytic, and creative writing. Through the Secondary Education major, students also have opportunities to study drama and/or journalism, because Secondary English teachers are often asked to supervise a school’s drama program or to advise the school newspaper or yearbook. This track has been specially designed to align with a major in Secondary Education so that students don't have to take extra classes to achieve a double major.


English Major: English Education Requirements Checklist
This electronic requirement checklist can be completed and used during advising sessions or utilized to track the progress toward your degree.

  • A minimum of 36 credit hours is required.
  • Only courses listed on this checklist count toward the major. If you wish to substitute a course, before taking it you must submit a petition to the Director of Undergraduate Studies for English. Please note that you will also need permission to substitute from the Secondary Education program.
  • English Composition (ENGL 1001) is a prerequisite to any English Education coursework.
  • Although not required, it is highly recommended to complete the composition sequence (ENGL 2089 Intermediate Composition or equivalent) prior to taking upper-level English courses.
  • No credit toward the English major is earned for 1000- or 2000-level composition courses.
  • Since the curriculum for a major in English Education is designed to align with the curriculum for Secondary Education in Language Arts, students should consult advisors in both programs prior to registering for classes.

English Education Track courses - effective Fall 2021

  • ENGL 2100 – Ways of Reading Literature
  • American Literature - choose one
    ENGL 2007 – American Literature Survey I
    ENGL 2008 – American Literature Survey II
  • English Literature - choose one
    ENGL 2134 – Survey of English Literature I 
    ENGL 2135 – Survey of English Literature II
  • World Literature course – choose one
    ENGL 2021 – World Literature I
    ENGL 2022 – World Literature II
  • Writing course – choose one
    ENGL 3046 – Modern English Grammar
    ENGL 3076 – Writing With Style
  • ENGL 3125 – Introduction to Critical Theory
  • ENGL 3006 – Introduction to Shakespeare
  • ENGL 3054 – Creative Writing Pedagogy
  • Diverse Literature – choose one
    ENGL 2080 – Ethnic Literatures of the United States
    ENGL 2083 - African American Literature Survey I
    ENGL 2084 - African American Literature Survey II
    ENGL 2141 - Introduction to American Ethnic Literature
    ENGL 2142 - Topics in American Ethnic Literature
    ENGL 2161 - Black Women Writers
  • Creative Writing - choose one
    ENGL 2010 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry & Prose
    ENGL 2011 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction
    ENGL 2013 - Introduction to Literary Nonfiction
    ENGL 2015 - Introduction to Screenwriting
    ENGL 2017 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry
    ENGL 2027 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Drama
  • Drama - choose one
    ENGL 2028 - Theater & Performance Studies
    ENGL 2034 - Contemporary World Drama
    ENGL 2040 – Topics in Drama
    ENGL 2041 – 21st Century American Drama
    ENGL 3018 - American Drama & Performance
    ENGL 3045 – Modern American Drama
  • Capstone Course – should be taken near the end of the English major
    ENGL 4089 – Advanced Composition for Teachers