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Cancer Center experts present research at national conference

May 29, 2024

University of Cincinnati Cancer Center experts will present research on ovarian and blood cancer trials, the link between poor sleep and cancer-related cognitive impairment, and an innovative youth education program at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting 2024 in Chicago.


UC alum: From the gridiron to the stars

November 9, 2023

Dakotah Tyler spent his youth in football, believing his future success was in athletics. However, through sadness he persevered and found a passion he otherwise wouldn’t have ever dreamed of. Now, Tyler is continuing his exploration of the stars as a PhD student at UCLA, working towards a career in science communication.


California dreamin'

October 10, 2023

Students from the University of Cincinnati teamed up with a group from California State University, San Bernardino on a whirlwind geologic tour of northern California — from the Marin Headlands at the foot of the foggy Golden Gate Bridge to the black basaltic sands of Shell Beach to the massive granite outcrops of the Sierra Nevada dating back to the age of the Tyrannosaurus rex.


UC grad finds success following her passion, studying the stars

October 9, 2023

Amanda Bauer might have spent her career travelling the globe with a degree in French, but the future had other plans. Instead, she found her calling in astronomy through UC’s College of Arts and Sciences. Bauer graduated from UC in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science with high honors. Today, she is deputy director and head of science and education for Yerkes Observatory in Wisconsin. Bauer came to UC with a dilemma like many other high school graduates; she knew what she wanted to study but was unsure of the path. “When I was growing up, I wanted to study astronomy, but had not met any scientists and honestly did not know it was physics. So, I majored in French thinking I could travel - my other passion,” said Bauer. Bauer came to see that her first choice was not the right fit, despite her love of travel. She loved astronomy, but no track or major existed within the university at the time.


UC's own takes on AI transparency

September 15, 2023

In the challenging world of big data and artificial intelligence, a University of Cincinnati alumnus is helping to lead the charge for accountability and transparency in AI — a concept known as explainable artificial intelligence. Javier Viaña is the co-founder of REZON, a platform that brings real-time explainability to AI. REZON shows the inner reasoning of existing AI so automated decision making is not only efficient but also fair and trustworthy.

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Date Event
04/27/2023 One of the best descriptions of how a non-traditional student goes into astrophysics (Dakota Tyler former UC Undergraduate)
07/06/2023 Discovery of a giant exoplanet (Kevin Wagner, former UC Undergraduate)
03/29/2022 How the University of Cincinnati prepares students to Thrive
10/16/2023 Prof. Jure Zupan lecture at UC Berkeley Department of Physics
5/17/2017 UC Researcher working at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Japan
4/25/2017 Physicists Detect Whiff of New Particle at the Large Hadron Collider
4/17/2017 UC Physics Professor Pursues Smallest Matter in Universe at Caltech as Simons Fellow
4/13/2017 UC Grad who Discovered Tatooine-like Planet with Three Suns Returns for Talk
4/3/2017 Physics Undergraduate Madelyn Leembruggen is Named a Goldwater Scholar
10/11/2016 University of Cincinnati Physicists Join Collaborative Efforts in Search for New Ghost Neutrinos
2/22/2016 Physics is runner-up for Provost Exemplary Department Award
1/8/2016 Prof. Altmannshofer, Gori, Kagan, and Zupan on the trail of mysterious bump at LHC
12/7/2015 Prof. Wijewardhana quoted on Dark Matter Stars
11/22/2015 "Majestic" discovery by 2015 Alumnus
11/9/2015 Breakthrough Prize goes to Neutrino Experiment with UC participation
10/6/2015 Remembering Prof. Sullivan
8/24/2015 Mysterious Neutrino Particles May Hold Keys to Evolution of the Universe
07/31/2015 University of Cincinnati Hosts the NOvA Experiment's Summer Meeting
07/17/2015 With NSF Funding, UC Professor of Physics Michael Sokoloff Contributes to Newest Big Bang Theory
06/05/2015 PhD Student Toloo Taghian: Wound Healing Using Electric Fields
03/18/2015 UC Physics Alumna Named a "Top 5 Under 40" Science Researcher
03/02/2015 UC Physics Researchers Trick the Light Fantastic
02/02/2015 UC Recognized as a Leader in Physics Teacher Preparation
01/26/2015 UC Playing Vital Role in NOvA Experiment
10/28/2014 UC Physics Major Kevin Wagner Publishes in Astrophysical Journal
7/16/2014 Professor Sousa Receives Powe Award
7/10/2014 NanoCamp for Kids
5/28/2014 Jure Zupan Receives 2014 Young Investigator Award
4/3/2014 Teacher-in-Residence, developing partnerships with region's high schools
3/7/2014 Making Better Semiconductor Nanowires
3/3/2014 UC Research featured at NSF website
3/3/2014 Healing Chronic Wounds Through Electrical Stimulation
3/3/2014 UC Researchers Tackle the Tiniest Technology to Make Gadgets Smaller, Faster and More Efficient
UC a Strong Presence at March APS Meeting
6/10/2013 Led by Prof. Koenig, UC Selected as a National Site to Prepare Future Physics Teachers
4/30/2013 UC's AMCC Makes Big Things Happen
4/25/2013 Prof. Sitko and Collaborators Discover Unexpected Effect in Protoplanetary Disk
4/23/2013 Crystal's Corners: UC Physicists' Nanowire Research Illuminates
3/19/2013 UC Physics Postdoc teaches GPU programming at CERN
3/13/2013 UC Physicists in partnership on High School Planet Hunt
1/3/2013 Local High School Students Collaborate with UC Physicists Working at CERN
12/14/2012 Profs. Meadows and Sokoloff lead UC team on Babar, named in Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2012 by Physics World
12/20/2012 Prof. Johnson leads UC team on Daya Bay Neutrino result, named in Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2012 by Science
5/16/2012 Extra-Solar Planets, Dark Matter Featured at UC's Astro Night
5/1/2012 Rieveschl Lecture Looks Into Life Cycle Of Drops
4/1/2012 Two students receive NSF GRPFs
3/1/2012 UC Emeriti Write Biography of Founder of Israel’s Nuclear Energy Program
2/15/2012 Congratulations Profs. Jackson and Smith: Semiconductor Science and Technology Highlights of 2011
2/1/2012 More than just a race
1/10/2012 Belle Discovers New Heavy 'Exotic Hadrons'
11/16/2011 Has 'new physics' been found at CERN?
6/3/2011 Dark matter claim draws scrutiny
6/7/2011 22 Named People's Choice Winners at 2011 Poster Session
5/6/2011 International Students Rank UC Among Nation's and World's Best in 'Learning' and 'Living' Services
5/10/2011 'Astro Night' Features Black Holes & Free Telescope Viewing
4/1/2011 UC Means Research for Physics Transfer Student
11/23/2010 Astrophysics Major Sets Sights High During 'Golden Age' of Discovery
10/1/2010 Plutonium, Plasmonics, Nanomaterials, and Future Devices: Highlights of AVS 57th International Symposium & Exhibition
10/7/2010 Sigma Xi Honoree Hanson's Career Spans Galaxies and Publishing
9/7/2010 Amazing Summer for AHS Physics Interns
8/9/2010 AstroPixie Conquers Cyber Space as Advocate for Science

In Memoriam

Photo of tai-fu Tuan wearing glasses and a purple background

Tai-Fu Tuan (1929-2010)

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James F. Sullivan (1943-2015)