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Date Event
5/17/2017 UC Researcher working at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Japan
4/25/2017 Physicists Detect Whiff of New Particle at the Large Hadron Collider
4/17/2017 UC Physics Professor Pursues Smallest Matter in Universe at Caltech as Simons Fellow
4/13/2017 UC Grad who Discovered Tatooine-like Planet with Three Suns Returns for Talk
4/3/2017 Physics Undergraduate Madelyn Leembruggen is Named a Goldwater Scholar
10/11/2016 University of Cincinnati Physicists Join Collaborative Efforts in Search for New Ghost Neutrinos
2/22/2016 Physics is runner-up for Provost Exemplary Department Award
1/8/2016 Prof. Altmannshofer, Gori, Kagan, and Zupan on the trail of mysterious bump at LHC
12/7/2015 Prof. Wijewardhana quoted on Dark Matter Stars
11/22/2015 "Majestic" discovery by 2015 Alumnus
11/9/2015 Breakthrough Prize goes to Neutrino Experiment with UC participation
10/6/2015 Remembering Prof. Sullivan
8/24/2015 Mysterious Neutrino Particles May Hold Keys to Evolution of the Universe
07/31/2015 University of Cincinnati Hosts the NOvA Experiment's Summer Meeting
07/17/2015 With NSF Funding, UC Professor of Physics Michael Sokoloff Contributes to Newest Big Bang Theory
06/05/2015 PhD Student Toloo Taghian: Wound Healing Using Electric Fields
03/18/2015 UC Physics Alumna Named a "Top 5 Under 40" Science Researcher
03/02/2015 UC Physics Researchers Trick the Light Fantastic
02/02/2015 UC Recognized as a Leader in Physics Teacher Preparation
01/26/2015 UC Playing Vital Role in NOvA Experiment
10/28/2014 UC Physics Major Kevin Wagner Publishes in Astrophysical Journal
7/16/2014 Professor Sousa Receives Powe Award
7/10/2014 NanoCamp for Kids
5/28/2014 Jure Zupan Receives 2014 Young Investigator Award
4/3/2014 Teacher-in-Residence, developing partnerships with region's high schools
3/7/2014 Making Better Semiconductor Nanowires
3/3/2014 UC Research featured at NSF website
3/3/2014 Healing Chronic Wounds Through Electrical Stimulation
3/3/2014 UC Researchers Tackle the Tiniest Technology to Make Gadgets Smaller, Faster and More Efficient
UC a Strong Presence at March APS Meeting
6/10/2013 Led by Prof. Koenig, UC Selected as a National Site to Prepare Future Physics Teachers
4/30/2013 UC's AMCC Makes Big Things Happen
4/25/2013 Prof. Sitko and Collaborators Discover Unexpected Effect in Protoplanetary Disk
4/23/2013 Crystal's Corners: UC Physicists' Nanowire Research Illuminates
3/19/2013 UC Physics Postdoc teaches GPU programming at CERN
3/13/2013 UC Physicists in partnership on High School Planet Hunt
1/3/2013 Local High School Students Collaborate with UC Physicists Working at CERN
12/14/2012 Profs. Meadows and Sokoloff lead UC team on Babar, named in Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2012 by Physics World
12/20/2012 Prof. Johnson leads UC team on Daya Bay Neutrino result, named in Top 10 Breakthroughs of 2012 by Science
5/16/2012 Extra-Solar Planets, Dark Matter Featured at UC's Astro Night
5/1/2012 Rieveschl Lecture Looks Into Life Cycle Of Drops
4/1/2012 Two students receive NSF GRPFs
3/1/2012 UC Emeriti Write Biography of Founder of Israel’s Nuclear Energy Program
2/15/2012 Congratulations Profs. Jackson and Smith: Semiconductor Science and Technology Highlights of 2011
2/1/2012 More than just a race
1/10/2012 Belle Discovers New Heavy 'Exotic Hadrons'
11/16/2011 Has 'new physics' been found at CERN?
6/3/2011 Dark matter claim draws scrutiny
6/7/2011 22 Named People's Choice Winners at 2011 Poster Session
5/6/2011 International Students Rank UC Among Nation's and World's Best in 'Learning' and 'Living' Services
5/10/2011 'Astro Night' Features Black Holes & Free Telescope Viewing
4/1/2011 UC Means Research for Physics Transfer Student
11/23/2010 Astrophysics Major Sets Sights High During 'Golden Age' of Discovery
10/1/2010 Plutonium, Plasmonics, Nanomaterials, and Future Devices: Highlights of AVS 57th International Symposium & Exhibition
10/7/2010 Sigma Xi Honoree Hanson's Career Spans Galaxies and Publishing
9/7/2010 Amazing Summer for AHS Physics Interns
8/9/2010 AstroPixie Conquers Cyber Space as Advocate for Science

In Memoriam

Photo of tai-fu Tuan wearing glasses and a purple background

Tai-Fu Tuan (1929-2010)

Photo of James wearing shirt and tie with glasses

James F. Sullivan (1943-2015)