Summer Program in Madrid, Spain

This program, lasting either four or six weeks, is aimed at beginners, intermediate, minors and Spanish majors and earns up to 12 total credits.

Semester and year-long programs at the University of Valladolid, Spain or the University of La Rioja, Spain. For more information, contact Carlos Gutiérrez.

The Department of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures offers a few competitive scholarships that can be applied to study abroad.

Spring Break Program: Visual Arts from the Margins (faculty lead)

The study abroad component for this program will consist of a 10-day trip to Spain, over Spring Break, in which we will visit Madrid, Toledo (day trip), Seville, and Granada. This program will explore visual works by Spanish artists to analyze some less known or silenced social groups, from European renaissance to nowadays.

International airfare is included in the program fee. Class will travel as a group to and from Spain. Students will be housed in double occupancy rooms at downtown hotels.

All students in this program are required to enroll in SPAN3035 Spanish Visual Arts from the Margins for 6 credits for Spring 2024. Taught in English, the course fulfills the following BOK requirements: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DC); Fine Arts (FA); Humanities and Literature (HU.)

We will study representations of/by women, black Africans, Jewish, Moorish, Roma people, peripheral, disabled, or lower-class groups, and non-human animals. Students will observe physical traces of living conditions through streets, temples, and palaces. Other artistic forms, such as music and dance will support our analysis.

While in Spain, we will visit key museums such as El Prado Museum and Reina Sofía Museum, historic sites such as Alhambra Palace, Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca or Casa Pilatos, in the above-mentioned southern cities, streets and palaces with numerous physical traces of living conditions and stories of Moorish people, Black African slaves and freedmen and freedwomen, and Roma people. We will enjoy works by great masters along with cultural and artistic manifestations by less privileged artists. Other artistic forms, music, dance, and literary fragments will support cultural and artistic analysis.

Please, contact and faculty leaders for additional information:


Beatriz Celaya-Carrillo
Department of Romance & Arabic Languages & Literatures

Ligia C. Gómez
Department of Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures