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Wolf Roder

Emeritus Faculty , A&S Geog Emeriti


Socio-economic aspects of water and agricultural resource development

Ph.D., University of Chicago 1965

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Emeritus Faculty, http://www.geography.uc.edu/roder.html

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Kenneth B Ryan

Emeritus Faculty , A&S Geog Emeriti


Australia, urban-historical, recreation
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Emeritus Faculty,

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Roger M Selya

Professor Emeritus , A&S Judaic

401 Braunstein Hall


Economic development of East Asia, population, medical geography

PhD, University of Minnesota 1971

A.B., Boston University 1964

A.M., Harvard University 1966

Abbreviated Publications
Book Chapter

______ and Alysha Beyer, “Where Do We Go Now? Issues in Establishing a New Jewish ‘Center’ in Cincinnati, Ohio,” in Land and Community: Geography in Jewish Studies, Harold Brodsky, ed. (College Park: University of Maryland Press), 1997, pp.223-41.


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Roger Mark Selya (2007). Editorial Essay: Marking 100 Years of Geography at the University of Cincinnati [Editorial ]. Essays Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Department of Geography, University of Cincinnati pp. 1, -9. Geography Research Forum: Department of Geography, Ben Gurion University of the NEgev.

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Technical Report

The 2005 Survey of Members. Analysis, Findings, and Policy Implications. Report submitted to the Board of Golf Manor Synagogue,  July 7, 2005. 41 pp.


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Jeffrey A.