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Welcome to the Department of Geosciences at the University of Cincinnati, a nationally ranked program with high-caliber faculty and a strong research reputation. We strive to provide our undergraduate and graduate students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a broad range of careers. Our program offers both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelors of Science degrees at the undergraduate level and the Masters of Science and Ph.D. at the graduate level. 

Our graduate and undergraduate programs are supported by faculty who perform high-caliber research with reputations that span world-wide. We teach and conduct research in many areas of the geosciences including paleontology, Quaternary geology, geomorphology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, tectonics, environmental geology, and biogeochemistry. Our faculty maintains high-tech laboratories and conduct field work all over the world and our students are involved every step of the way!

Quick Departmental Contacts:
Department Head - Craig Dietsch,
Academic Director, Departmental Advisor - Krista Smilek,
Business Manager - Kate Cosgrove,
Laboratory Manager - Sarah Hammer,
Instrumentation Specialist - Mike Menard,
Undergraduate Director - Dylan Ward,
Graduate Director - Brooke Crowley,

In The News


Forbes: When did mammoths go extinct?

January 24, 2023

UC paleontologist Joshua Miller tells Forbes that environmental DNA can persist for centuries or even millennia, making it unreliable as a barometer for dating extinction events.


How to spot a fake

December 6, 2022

University of Cincinnati chemists, geologists and art historians are collaborating to help area art museums answer questions about masterpieces and detect fakes — and teaching students about their methods.

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