Symposium Schedule

Ralph & Helen Oesper Symposium

Friday, October 20, 2023
9:00 AM
400-B Tangeman University Center (TUC)

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Symposium Schedule
Time Speaker
9:05 Ryan White, Head, Dept. of Chemsitry, University of Cincinnati
Ohio Eminent Scholar
Welcome and Introductory remarks
9:15 Jean-Luc Ayitou, University of Illinois, Chicago
“Aromatic Thioamides as Emerging Molecular Tools for Photochemical Transformations and Drug Discovery”   
10:00 Anna Gudmundsdottir, University of Cincinnati
"Bending Crystals"
10:45 Marino Resendiz, University of Colorado
"Insights into the supramolecular behavior of RNA/DNA modified with benzothiophenyl rings at the C2’-O-position"

Chemical modification of oligonucleotides of RNA and DNA enables their use as biomaterials, therapeutics, or in nanotechnology, amongst other applications.  This presentation will describe the use of dodecamers of RNA/DNA as platform to generate distinct supramolecular structures, with potential use as nanowires and other 2D-networks.  The biopolymers were functionalized with 2-methylbenzothiophene groups at the C2’-O-position. The structural impact varied as a function of salt (monocation) concentration.  Circular dichroism (CD) displayed features that were consistent with interstrand interactions amongst the S-containing aromatic rings, as a function of increased [Na+].  Interestingly, thermal denaturation transition measurements displayed a rearrangement that was consistent with the formation of a more stable structure at temperatures above 50° C.  To rationalize this observation, the duplexes were modeled using the density functional theory-polarizable continuum model (DFT-PCM).  A proposed mechanism involves the hydrophobic surface allowing for an internal nucleobase rearrangement (via H-bonding) into a more thermodynamically stable structure, before undergoing full denaturation, with increased heat.  The arrays that are templated, as a function of number and position of the studied chemical modification, self-assemble into distinct motifs with potential as biomaterials, an approach that will be described.
Lunch 11:30
1:15 Braulio Rodriguez Molina, UNAM
"Synergic properties in crystals: the implication of motion at the molecular level"

This talk will discuss how the internal dynamics within molecular crystals can help regulate crystalline materials' emission, macroscopic motion, and sorption behavior, among other properties. The current efforts to develop heterocyclic conjugated molecules with facilitated molecular motion will be shown. It is considered that these dynamic crystals could be used for various applications, including but not limited to sensors, switches, optical devices, artificial muscles, and soft robotics, among others.
2:00 Luis Campos, Columbia University
"Physical Organic Chemistry Approaches to Macromolecular Engineering"

Polymers offer a rich palate to be decorated with functional units in order to tune various properties, in order to harness the collective interactions of the building blocks that can be exploited for technological advances. However, introducing functionality can alter the chemistry and physical properties, leading to unpredictable behavior at the molecular level and in bulk. Our group is interested in understanding the link between building blocks and macromolecules that can be used to exploit organic materials in multiple applications. This talk will provide an overview on the strategies that our team employs in order investigate structure-property relationships.  
2:45 Chris Bardeen, University of California, Riverside
"Molecular Crystal Machines Powered by Photochemistry"
3:30 Break
3:45 Ken Houk, University of California, Los Angeles
"Computational Adventures with Miguel Garcia-Garibay"

My group has thrived on collaborations with Miguel Garcia-Garibay for 3 decades!  Miguel began at UCLA as Assistant Professor in 1992, and now he is our UCLA College Senior Dean and NAS member!  I will describe our studies together of photochemical reactions in the solid state, and, more recently, the dynamics of amphidynamic materials.
4:30 Miguel Garcia-Garibay, University of California, Los Angeles
"Exploring the Frontiers of Chemical Dynamics with Molecular Nanocrystals: From Green Chemical Synthesis to Quantum Chains and Qubit Pairs"
5:30-6:45 Poster Session & Reception in TUC Great Hall
6:50-7:00 P&G announcement and presentation of awards to the best poster presenters (innovative work, inventive work & clearly presented & communicated work)
7:00 Banquet in TUC Great Hall

7:00 Banquet (reservations are required) 

ACS Business followed by After-dinner speaker, Ken Houk, UCLA 
"Amphidynamic MGG!"