Symposium Schedule

Ralph & Helen Oesper Symposium

Friday, October 14, 2022

400B Tangeman University Center (TUC)

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Symposium Schedule
Time Speaker
9:00 Ryan White, Head, Dept. of Chemsitry, University of Cincinnati
Ohio Eminent Scholar
Welcome and Introductory remarks
Session Chair: Neil Ayres, University of Cincinnati
9:05 Mattanjah de Vries, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Shedding light on history: one molecule at a time"
9:50 Katherine (Kallie) Willets, Temple University
“Super-resolution imaging and plasmonics”
10:35 Break
Session Chair: Pietro Strobbia, University of Cincinnati
10:45 George Schatz, Northwestern University
"Plasmons, Molecules and Theory: where Bottom-up meets Top-down"
11:30 Mubeen Syed, University of Iowa
“Plasmonics and Electrocatalysis: A Friends with Benefits Saga”
Lunch 12:15
Session Chair: Ashley Ross, University of Cincinnati
1:30 Vladimir Shalaev, Purdue University
"Quantum Metaphotonics"
2:15 Peng Zhang, University of Cincinnati
3:00 Break
Session Chair: Peng Zhang, University of Cincinnati
3:10 Dwayne Miller, University of Toronto
"Mapping Atomic Motions with Ultrabright Electrons: Fundamental Space-Time Limit to Imaging Chemistry"
3:55 Galen D. Stucky, University of California, Santa Barbara
"Rational Component and Structure Design of Noble-Metal Composites for Optical and Catalytic Applications"
4:40 Peng Zhang, Introduction of Oesper Award & Award Ceremony
5:00-6:50 Poster Session & Reception in TUC Great Hall
6:50-7:00 P&G announcement and presentation of awards to the best poster presenters (innovative work, inventive work & clearly presented & communicated work)
7:00 Banquet in TUC Great Hall

7:00 Banquet (reservations are required) 

ACS Business followed by After dinner speakers, Galen Stucky & Mattanjah de Vries, Univerity of California, Santa Barbara, entitled "Martin Moskovits: Mentor for All”.