Creative Writing Alumni Publications

Our program alumni have published at an extraordinary rate. They have received honors such as the Walt Whitman Award, the Rome Prize, the James Laughlin Award, the National Poetry Series, the Katherine Anne Porter Prize, and the Barnard Women Poets Prize, as well as Guggenheim and NEA fellowships. Their books have been published by Copper Canyon, Graywolf, HarperCollins, St. Martin’s, Simon & Schuster, Tin House Books, and W. W. Norton.

Becky Adnot-Haynes, PhD 2014
The Year of Perfect Happiness
, Univ. of North Texas, 2014, Winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize

Austin Allen, PhD 2020
Pleasures of the Game
, Waywiser, 2016, Winner of the Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize

Lisa Ampleman, PhD 2013
Mom in Space
. LSU, 2024
Romances, LSU, 2020
Full Cry
, NFSPS, 2013, Winner of the Stevens Poetry Manuscript Competition
I've Been Collecting This to Tell You
, Kent State, 2012, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Ashley Anderson, PhD 2017
Sifting the Feminine Bones: Essays, U of Georgia, forthcoming 

José Angel Araguz, PhD 2017
Until We Are Level Again
, Mongrel Empire, 2018
Small Fires
, FutureCycle, 2017
The Book of Flight
, Essay Press, 2016
Everything We Think We Hear
, Floricanto, 2015

Cynthia Arrieu-King, PhD 2008
The Betweens
, Noemi, 2021
, Octopus Books, 2019
Futureless Languages
, Radiator, 2018
, Switchback Books, 2013, Winner of the Gatewood Prize
By a Year Lousy
with Meteors, Dream Horse, 2012, Winner of the Dream Horse Press Chapbook Prize (with Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis)
People Are Tiny in Paintings of China
, Octopus Books, 2010

Joseph Bates, PhD 2006
, Curbside Splendor, 2013
The Nighttime Novelist
, Writer’s Digest, 2010

David Bell, PhD 2005
Since She Went Away
, Penguin/NAL, 2016
Somebody I Used to Know
, Penguin/NAL, 2015
The Forgotten Girl,
Penguin/NAL, 2014
Never Come Back,
Penguin/NAL, 2013
Rides a Stranger,
The Mysterious Bookshop, 2013
The Hiding Place,
Penguin/NAL, 2012
Cemetery Girl,
Penguin/NAL, 2011, Winner of Le Priz Polar International de Cognac
The Girl in the Woods,
Delirium Books, 2009
The Condemned
, Delirium Books, 2008

Josh Bell, PhD 2013
Alamo Theory
, Copper Canyon, 2016
No Planets Strike,
University of Nebraska, 2008

Dina Ben-Lev, PhD 2001
Broken Helix,
Mid-List, 1997, Winner of the Mid-List Press First Series Award
Sober on a Small Plane,
Wind Publications, 1995
Note for a Missing Friend
, Slapering Hol, 1991, Winner of the Slapering Hol Press Chapbook Competition

Eric Bliman, PhD 2013
Travel & Leisure
, Poetry Society of America, 2012, Winner of the National Chapbook Fellowship

Rebekah Bloyd, PhD 1993
At Sea
, Finishing Line, 2019
, Deconstructed Artichoke Press, 2011
Meduza Press, 2000
Sister Island
, Blackberry Press, 1987

Murray Bodo, PhD 1991
Autumn Train
, Tau Publishing, 2015
Something Like Jasmine,
Tau Publishing, 2012
Wounded Angels
, Blissfool Books, 2009
The Earth Moves at Midnight and Other Poems,
St. Anthony Messenger, 2003

Daniel Bowman Jr., MA 2006
A Plum Tree in Leatherstocking Country,
VAC Poetry Chicago, 2012

Renee Branum, PhD 2023
Defenestrate, Bloomsbury 2022

Marilyn Brock, PhD 2007
Beaux Fest for the Wicked
, Skinny Toe, 2009

Brian Brodeur, PhD 2015
Some Problems with Autobiography
, Criterion Books, 2023, Winner of The New Criterion Poetry Prize
Every Hour is Late, Measure, 2019
Local Fauna,
Kent State, 2015, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition
Natural Causes,
Autumn House, 2011, Winner of the Autumn House Press Poetry Prize
Other Latitudes,
University of Akron, 2007, Winner of Akron Poetry Prize
So the Night Cannot Go On Without Us,
White Eagle Coffee Store Press, 2006, Winner of the Poetry Chapbook Prize

Michelle Y. Burke, PhD 2014
Animal Purpose,
Ohio UP, 2016, Winner of the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize
Horse Loquela,
Red Mountain Review, 2007, Winner of the Red Mountain Review Chapbook Series Award

Joshua Butts, PhD 2009
New to the Lost Coast
, Gold Wake, 2014
To Learn to Fingerpick Guitar,
Pudding House, 2006

Taylor Byas, PhD 2023
I Done Clicked My Heels Three Times, Soft Skull 2023
Shutter, Madhouse Press 2022
Bloodwarm, Variant Lit 2021

Susan Streeter Carpenter, PhD 2005
Riders on the Storm,
Bottom Dog, 2010

Marianne Chan, PhD 2023
Leaving Biddle City, Sarabande 2024
All Heathens, Sarabande 2020, winner of the GLCA New Writers Award, the Ohioana Book Award, and the Association for Asian American Studies Book Award

Will Clemens, PhD 2002
All Shook Up: Collected Poems About Elvis,
University of Arkansas, 2001

Emily Rose Cole, PhD 2022
Thunderhead, U of Wisconsin Press, 2022

Christopher Collins, PhD 2018
My American Night,
U of Georgia, Winner of the Georgia Poetry Prize
Gathering Leaves for War,
Finishing Line, 2013

Cynthia Crane, PhD 1987
Divided Lives,
St Martin’s/Macmillan, 2000

Allison Pitinii Davis, BA
Line Study of a Motel Clerk, Baobab, 2017
Poppy Seeds, Kent State, 2013, winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Prize

Erica Dawson, PhD 2010
When Rap Spoke Straight to God,
Tin House, 2018
The Small Blades Hurt,
Measure, 2014
Big-Eyed Afraid,
Waywiser, 2007, Winner of the Anthony Hecht Poetry Prize

Cara Dees, PhD 2022
Exorcism Lessons in the Heartland, Barrow Street, 2019, Winner of the Barrow Street Book Prize 

Sarah Domet, PhD 2009
The Guineveres,
Flatiron, 2016
90 Days to Your Novel,
Writer's Digest, 2010

Darrin Doyle, PhD 2006
The Beast in Aisle 34
, Tortoise, 2021
The Big Baby Crime Spree and Other Delusions
, Wolfson, 2021
Scoundrels Among Us,
Tortoise, 2018
The Dark Will End the Dark,
Tortoise, 2015
The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo,
St. Martin’s Griffin, 2010
Revenge of the Teacher’s Pet,
LSU, 2009

Ben Dudley, MA 2012
The Day the Cat Got Shot, 2022

Samantha Edmonds, MA 2017
Preponderance of Starry Beings
, TriQuarterly Books, 2025
The Space Poet, Split/Lip, 2020
Pretty to Think So
, Selcouth Station Press, 2019

Kelcey Parker Ervick, PhD 2006
The Keeper
, Avery Books/Penguin, 2022
The Bitter Life of Božena Němcová, Rose Metal, 2016
Liliane's Balcony,
Rose Metal, 2013
For Sale by Owner,
Kore, 2011, Winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Award in Short Fiction

Jennifer Fawkes, PhD 2018
Daugthers of Chaos
, Overlook Press/Abrams, 2024
Tales the Devil Told Me, Press 53, 2020, Winner of the Press 53 Award for Short Fiction
Mannequin and Wife, LSU, 2020

Laurie Filipelli, MA 1997
Girl Paper Stone,
Black Lawrence, 2018
Brooklyn Arts, 2013

Rebecca Morgan Frank, PhD 2012
Oh You Robot Saints!
, Carnegie Mellon, 2021
Sometimes We’re All Living in a Foreign Country
, Carnegie Mellon, 2017
The Spokes of Venus,
Carnegie Mellon, 2016
Little Murders Everywhere,
Salmon Poetry, 2012

Stephen Frech, PhD 1999
Zwart als Kaviaar/Black as Caviar,
Midwest Writing Center, 2012
A Palace of Strangers Is No City,
Cervena Barva, 2011
The Dark Villages of Childhood,
Midwest Writing Center, 2009, Winner of the Mississippi Valley Poetry Chapbook Prize
If Not for These Wrinkles of Darkness,
White Pine, 2001, Winner of the White Pine Press Poetry Prize
Toward Evening and the Day Far Spent,
Kent State, 1996, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Contest

Molly Gaudry, MA 2008
Desire: A Haunting,
Ampersand Books, 2017
We Take Me Apart,
Mud Luscious, 2010
Mud Luscious, 2009

Luke Geddes, PhD 2016
Junk, Simon & Schuster,
I Am a Magical Teenage Princess
, Chomu, 2012

Andrew Grace, PhD 2013
, Ahsahta, 2012
Ohio State, 2008, Winner of the OSU Press/The Journal Award in Poetry
A Belonging Field
, Salt, 2002

Juliana Gray, PhD 2001
Honeymoon Palsy,
Measure, 2016
Dream Horse, 2012, Winner of the Orphic Poetry Book Prize
The Man Under My Skin,
River City, 2005
History in Bones,
Kent State, 2001, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Charlie Green, PhD 2010
Feral Ornamentals, Finishing Line, 2021

J.M. Green, MA 2007
The Novice Angler
, Finishing Line, 2017
Super Rich
, Pudding House, 2008

Kimberly Grey, PhD 2021
A Mother Is an Intellectual Thing, Persea, 2023
Systems for the Future of Feeling, Persea, 2020
The Opposite of Light, Persea, 2016, Winner of the Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize in Poetry

Daniel Groves, PhD 2017
The Lost Boys
, U of Georgia/VQR Poetry Series, 2010

Ryan Guth, PhD 2002
Body and Soul,
Lummox, 2015
Home Truths,
Alsop Review, 2006

Beth Gylys, PhD 1997
Sky Blue Enough to Drink,
Grayson, 2016
La Vita Poetica, 2007
Spot in the Dark,
Ohio State, 2004, Winner of the OSU Press/The Journal Award in Poetry
Bodies that Hum,
Silverfish Review, 1999, Winner of the Gerald Cable First Book Award
Balloon Heart,
Wind Publications, 1997, Winner of the Quentin R. Howard Award

Heather Hamilton, PhD 2015
Here is a Clearing
, Poetry Society of America, 2019, Winner of the PSA Chapbook Fellowship

Katie Hartsock, BA 2004
Bed of Impatiens
, Able Muse Press, 2016

Kevin Honold, PhD 2017
Our Lady of Good Voyage, Orison, 2023, Winner of the Orison Fiction Prize 
Molly, Autumn House, 2021, Winner of the Autumn House Fiction Prize
The Rock Cycle
, Univ. of New Mexico, 2021, Winner of the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Book Prize 
Men as Trees Walking,
Ohio State, 2010, Winner of the OSU Press/The Journal Award in Poetry

Emma Hudelson, PhD 2022
Skywatch: The Untold Story of America's Greatest Show Horse, U Press of Kentucky, 2023

Rochelle Hurt, PhD 2017
The J Girls: A Reality Show
, Indiana University, 2022, Winner of Blue Light Books Prize
In Which I Play the Runaway
, Barrow Street, 2016, Winner of the Barrow Street Poetry Prize
The Rusted City,
White Pine, 2014

Lesley Jenike, PhD 2008
Punctum, Kent State University, 2017
Holy Island, Gold Wake, 2014
How We Come Ashore
, Dancing Girl, 2013
Ghost of Fashion
, WordTech, 2009
Folly Garden
, Gold Wake, 2012
I Dreamed Last Night I Got on a Boat to Heaven and By Some Chance I Had Brought My Dice Along
, Permafrost, 2006, Winner of the Susan Blalock Award

Yalie Saweda Kamara, PhD 2022
Besaydoo, Milkweed, 2024, Winner of the Jake Adam York Prize
A Brief Biography of My Name, Akashic Books/African Poetry Book Fund, 2018
When the Living Sing, Ledge Mule Press, 2017 

Holly Karapetkova, PhD 2005
, Cloudbank, 2016
Words We Might One Day Say
, Washington Writers', 2010, Winner of the Washington Writers’ Publishing House Poetry Contest

Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis, PhD 2008
The Rub
, Elixir, 2014, Winner of the Editor's Prize
Aloha Vaudeville Doll,
Dancing Girl, 2013
By a Year Lousy with Meteors
, Dream Horse, 2012, Winner of the Dream Horse Press Chapbook Prize (Co-written with Cynthia Arrieu-King)
Kent State, 2006, Winner of the Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize

Les Kay, PhD 2014
At Whatever Front
, Sundress, 2016
, Lucky Bastard, 2015
The Bureau
, Sundress, 2015

Gwen Kirby, PhD 2018
Shit Cassandra Saw
, Penguin, 2022

Julia Koets, PhD 2016
, Southern Indiana Review, 2021, Winner of the Michael Waters Poetry Prize
The Rib Joint,
Red Hen, 2019, Winner of the Red Hen Press Nonfiction Book Award
Hold Like Owls
, Univ. of South Carolina, 2011, Winner of the South Carolina Poetry Book Prize

Chris Koslowski, MA 2012
Kayfabe, McSweeney's Books, 2023

Gary Leising, PhD 2003
The Alp at the End of My Street,
Brick Road Poetry, 2014, Winner of the Brick Road Poetry Prize
Temple of Bones,
Finishing Line, 2013
Fastened to a Dying Animal,
Pudding House, 2010

Amy Lemmon, PhD 1997
The Miracles
, C&R, 2019
Enjoy Hot or Iced: Poems in Conversation and a Conversation
, Slapering Hol Press, 2012 (Co-written with Denise Duhamel)
ABBA: The Poems
, Coconut Books, 2010 (Co-written with Denise Duhamel)
Saint Nobody,
Red Hen, 2009
Fine Motor
, Sow’s Ear Poetry, 2008

April Lindner, PhD 1998
Love, Lucy,
Poppy/Little Brown, 2015
Poppy/Little Brown, 2013
This Bed Our Bodies Shaped,
Able Muse, 2012
, Poppy/Little Brown, 2010 Skin, Texas Tech, 2002, Winner of the Walt McDonald First Book Poetry Prize

Cate Marvin, PhD 2003
Event Horizon, Copper Canyon, 2022
Oracle, W. W. Norton, 2015
Fragment of the Head of a Queen, Sarabande, 2006
World’s Tallest Disaster, Sarabande, 2001, Winner of the Kathryn A. Morton Prize

Kristi Maxwell, PhD 2010
, Green Linden Press, 2023, winner of the Wishing Jewel Prize 
My My
, Saturnalia, 2020
Bright and Hurtless
, Ahsahta, 2018
, Horseless, 2015
That Our Eyes Be Rigged
, Saturnalia, 2014
, Ahsahta, 2011
Hush Sessions,
Saturnalia, 2009
Realm Sixty-four
, Ahsahta, 2008

Matt McBride, PhD 2013
The Mourners Forget Which Funeral They're At
, Greying Ghost, 2021
, Black Lawrence, 2018
Cities Lit by the Light Caught in Photographs,
H_NGM_N Books, 2012
The Space Between Stars
, Kent State, 2008, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Molly McCaffrey, PhD 2005
You Belong to Us,
Main Street Rag, 2015
How to Survive Graduate School and Other Disasters,
Main Street Rag, 2011

Rebecca Meacham, PhD 2002
Morbid Curiosities,
New Delta Review, 2014, Winner of the New Delta Review chapbook contest
Let’s Do,
Univ. of North Texas, 2004, Winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize

Tessa Mellas, PhD 2013
Lungs Full of Noise,
Univ. of Iowa, 2013, Winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award

Lily Meyer, PhD 2023
The End of Romance, Viking, 2026
Short War, Deep Vellum/Strange Object, 2024

Nicholas Molbert, PhD 2023
Cocodrie Elegy, Foundlings Press, 2023
Goodness Gracious, Foundlings Press, 2019

Jim Murphy, PhD 2000
Versions of May
, Negative Capability, 2023
The Uniform House, Negative Capability, 2014
Heaven Overland,
Kennesaw State University, 2009
The Memphis Sun
, Kent State, 2000, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Kristin Naca, MA 2000
Bird Eating Bird,
Harper Perennial, 2009, Winner of the National Poetry Series

David Nielsen, PhD 2014
Unfinished Figures,
Lynx House, 2016, Winner of the Blue Lynx Prize for Poetry

Sarah Rose Nordgren, PhD 2020
The Bird Hat Wearer's Journal
, winner of the Essay Press Book Prize, 2024
The Creation Museum, Harbor Editions, 2022
Darwin's Mother, University of Pittsburgh, 2017
Best Bones
, University of Pittsburgh, 2014, Winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize

Kevin Oberlin, PhD 2007
Steamboat Alley
, Heartland Review Press, 2021, Winner of The Heartland Review Press Chapbook Contest
Spotlit Girl, Kent State, 2009, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Matthew Pennock, PhD 2018
The Miracle Machine,
Gival, 2020, Winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award
Sudden Dog, Alice James, 2012

Sarah Perrier, PhD 2006
Nothing Fatal,
University of Akron, 2010
Just One of Those Things
, Kent State, 2003, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition

Rhonda Pettit, PhD
Riding the Wave Train
, Dos Madres Press, 2017

Brenda Peynado, PhD 2017
The Rock Eaters
, Penguin, 2021

David James Poissant, PhD 2011
Lake Life
, Simon & Schuster, 2020
The Heaven of Animals,
Simon & Schuster, 2014, Winner of the GLCA New Writers Award
Lizard Man,
RopeWalk, 2012, Winner of the RopeWalk Press Editor's Fiction Chapbook Prize

Phoebe Reeves, MA 2004
Helen of Bikini
, Lily Poetry Review Books, 2023
The Lobes and Petals of the Inanimate, Pecan Grove, 2010

Molly Reid, PhD 2019
The Rapture Index: A Suburban Bestiary
, BOA, 2019, Winner of the BOA Short Fiction Prize

Michael Rerick, PhD 2010
The Switch Yards
, Finishing Line, 2017
, Alice Blue Books, 2012
In Ways Impossible to Fold,
Marsh Hawk, 2009, Winner of the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize
, Flying Guillotine, 2008

Stephanie Rogers, MA 2005
Plucking the Stinger,
Saturnalia, 2016

Linwood Rumney, PhD 2016
Abandoned Earth
, Gival, 2016, Winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award

Chuck Rybak, PhD 2003
Main Street Rag, 2013
Tongue and Groove,
Main Street Rag, 2007
Pudding House, 2007
Nickel and Diming My Way Through
, Wind Publications, 2005, Winner of the Quentin R. Howard Award

C. Lynn Shaffer, PhD 2001
Life Spiral,
Finishing Line, 2013
Persistence of Vision,
Wind Publications, 2008, Winner of the Morehead State University New Writers Award

Emily Skaja, PhD 2019
Graywolf, 2019, Winner of the Walt Whitman Award

Woody Skinner, PhD 2017
A Thousand Distant Radios,
Atelier26 Books, 2017

Virginia Slachman, PhD 1996
World of Mortal Light
, Chatter House, 2013
The Lost Ode
, Charles Towne, 2013
Many Brave Hearts
, Chatter House, 2012
Inside Such Darkness
, Tiger Bark, 2010
Heidegger’s Temple
, CustomWords, 2003

Adam Sol, PhD 2003
Broken Dawn Blessings
, ECW, 2021
How a Poem Moves: A Field Guide for Readers of Poetry
, ECW, 2019
, McClelland & Stewart, 2014
, Ohio, House of Anansi, 2008
Crowd of Sounds
, House of Anansi, 2003, Winner of the Trillium Award for Poetry
Jonah's Promise
, Mid-List, 2000, Winner of the Mid-List Press First Series Award

Liv Stratman, MA 2011
Cheat Day, Scribner, 2021

Sarah Anne Strickley, PhD 2016
Incendiary Devices
, Tolsun Books, 2023
Sister, Summer Camp Publishing, 2021
Fall Together,
Gold Wake, 2018

Shawn Sturgeon, PhD 1998
River City, 2002

Lisa Summe, MA 2014
Say It Hurts,
YesYes Books, 2021

Nathan Swartzendruber, MA 2011
Opaque Projectionist
, Dos Madres, 2009

Maggie Su, PhD 2021
Terrestrial, HarperCollins, forthcoming 

Liz Tilton, PhD 2008
Kent State, 2009, Winner of the Wick Poetry Chapbook Competition
Cincinnati’s Historic Findlay Market
, Arcadia Publishing, 2009

Sarah Trudgeon, MA 2010
Dreams of Unhappiness
, Poetry Society of America, 2015, Winner of the PSA 30 and Under Chapbook Fellowship

Anne Valente, PhD 2015
The Desert Sky Before Us
, William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2019
Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down
, William Morrow/HarperCollins, 2016
By the Light We Knew Our Names,
Dzanc, 2014

Corey Van Landingham, PhD 2019
Love Letter to Who Owns the Heavens,
Tupelo, 2022
Ohio State, 2013, Winner of the OSU Press/The Journal Award in Poetry

Kevin Walzer, PhD 1996
Austere Offices,
Word Press, 2005
Greater Circles,
Word Press, 2001
The Resurgence of Traditional Poetic Form and the Current Status of Poetry’s Place in American Culture,
Edwin Mellen, 2001
The Ghost of Tradition: Expansive Poetry and Postmodernism,
Story Line, 1998
The Wilderness of Vision: On the Poetry of John Haines
, Story Line, 1996
Living in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati Writers’ Project, 1995

Madeleine Wattenberg, PhD 2022
I/O, U of Arkansas Press, 2021, Winner of the Miller Williams Poetry Prize 

Chelsea Whitton, PhD 2023
Bear Trap, Dancing Girl Press 2018

The Cyborg Jillian Weise, PhD 2009
Common Cyborg
, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, forthcoming
Cyborg Detective,
BOA, 2019
The Book of Goodbyes
, BOA, 2013, Winner of the James Laughlin Award and of the Isabella Gardner Poetry Prize
The Colony,
Soft Skull, 2010
The Amputee's Guide to Sex
, Soft Skull, 2007
Translating the Body,
All Nations, 2006

Caki Wilkinson, PhD 2011
The Survival Expo,
Persea, 2021
The Stone Museum, Persea, 2014, Winner of the Lexi Rudnitsky/Editor's Choice Award
Circles Where the Head Should Be
, Univ. of North Texas, 2011, Winner of the Vassar Miller Prize

Lisa Williams, MA 1992
Gazelle in the House,
New Issues, 2014
Woman Reading to the Sea,
W.W. Norton, 2008, Winner of the Barnard Women Poets Prize
The Hammered Dulcimer,
Utah State Univ., 1998, Winner of the May Swenson Poetry Award

Ruth Williams, PhD 2013
Black Lawrence, 2018
Dancing Girl, 2012

Bess Winter, PhD 2017
Machines of Another Era
, Gold Wake, 2021

Matthew Yeager, PhD 2023
Rocket Surgery, New York Quarterly Books 2024
Like That, Forklift Books 2016

Katherine Zlabek, PhD 2014
OSU Press/Mad Creek Books, 2019, Winner of The Journal’s Non/Fiction Prize
Let the Rivers Clap Their Hands,
Ricochet Editions, 2015